12 December 2010

5 things you don't know about me...

5 Random things that you don't know about me....

1. I am a party type of girl... I LOVE to party. Purely because one of my biggest passions is Dancing, therefore clubs and party's let me express that. When I was younger (bones were more flexible LOl) I used to party 3-4 times a week. I still wish I could party 3-4 times a week but old age is catching up (aching bones?!)

2. I like my toes, I know people normally Hate their feet and toes, its classed as a 'ugly' feature but I actually really like mine?! In the past they have been described as 'finger' looking, straight up and down LOL

3. I am a do-er, not a talk-er. You know how asian parents are, they expect you to tell them everything your doing, your plans, your future etc.. well I don't. I don't like to tell anyone what my plans are, not that I am secretive, but because talk is free. I like results to speak for itself, I don't feel that boasting or saying out loud what your plans are is neccesary. Although asian parents normally assume your doing nothing! If you think it, then do it.

4. I LOVE buying lingerie. sexy lingerie! matching sets and so... but.. I never wear them! I must have about 15 new bra and knicker sets that have never been worn. Buying it makes me feel happy =)

5. My favorite drink, ever, is Ribena! yummmmm hmmmmmm any flavor but apple! =)

Tell me 5 random things about you! ^_*

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  1. very cute.

    I love Ribena too!

    I'm having a Jill stuart give away

    I have a passion for false eyelashes

    Japanese cosmetics are my favourites

    Soup noodles are delicious!


  2. 1. pool halls I like, but clubbing is just to noisy for my blood.

    2. I still like cartoons. =)

    3. favorite drinks: Tequila Sunrise and Vodka mixed with red bull (don't remember the name)

    4. I <3 asian women. =)

    5. loves psychology and understanding dreams.

  3. 1. i love clubbing, but hate coming back home in freezing weather..

    2. i would love to look like those japanese models in magazines.. but i think my body frame is just simply too big

    3. i wanted to do fashion, make up, or anything beauty related when I was younger, but was pushed to do business instead.

    4. I have a FEAR for cockroaches.

  4. hehe such a cute post :) I like Ribena too!

  5. 1. I am arachnophobic
    2. I love japanese magazines, always always try to get the latest ones - just wished clothing like that were sold in Canada ;_;
    3. I have a thing for.. um plushies... squishable furry stuff
    4. I have a huge collection of earrings it's ridiculous lol!
    5. To be honest, i'll probably be judged from the rest but I have never been clubbing. I want to see how it is but I don't get the purpose because in my area, I feel like the clubs are meant to look for new people to meet and occasionally some dates blablabla and I already have a boyfriend. What's your opinion?

  6. 1.Somedays i actually do feel pretty!

    2.I love huge beds with a billion pillows and 3 layers of blankets.. but the moment i get in i will be annoyed by the fact that i cannot move and throw all the stuff out.

    3.I have been grumpy for the last few weeks and i blame it on all the others around me :)

    4.I wouldn't mind being rich and be spending all my money on a pretty house and nice clothes!

    5.I don't like drinking alcohol and clubbing, alcohol makes me tired .. so does clubbing.. i'll rather be a couch potato :)

  7. I admire the do-er not talk-er aspect.. that is the way to go if you want to achieve things in life :)

    Here's my 5 things to share-

    I like partying/clubbing b/c of dancing & music as well but can only do so once a week, mainly because school takes all my time and energy for at least five days a week.

    I also love eating out, esp. East-Asian food.

    I try to only buy and use cruelty-free cosmetics and beauty products.

    I'm a grad school student.

    I'm considering making YT videos, inspired by talented ladies like you.

    Take care :)

  8. I love the idea for this post, i'll definitely try and give it a go! x

  9. 1. I used to go clubbing too.

    2. I want to visit France one day. Then again, a lot people do too.

    3. I love good quality seafood.

    4. I want at least 20 Designer bags.

    5. I've lived in Australia all my life.

  10. i like #3 and 4. definitely action is better than words. anyone can talk and say things but doing is a totally different story.

    and a girl must have lingerie. makes u feel so sexy!

  11. Your no. 3 is same like me! :D

  12. ever since i was in skool...my head teacher would say be a do er not a talker and that is the quote of my skooll....
    n so true i also neva tell my plans to parents...like u say let the results do the talking...
    lov ur saying

  13. 1. Today (December 17th) I celebrate 8 months of marriage
    2. I have one young sister
    3. I've been obsessed with COD lately
    4. I love to party as well
    5. I have two kitties

  14. Hi StyleSuzi! Please please do check out the cosmetics brand Stage! it's something like MAC and it's really affordable. just my recommendation. :D

  15. hye suzi (=..
    i.m one of u're fans..!!
    i love watching your tutorial (=

    5 random things about me

    1.i hate worm (phobia)
    2.love milo
    3.love sleeping
    4.like to see people talking in mandarin
    5.but i cannot speak mandarine correctly(got trouble in han yu pin yin )lol =.="


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