20 November 2010

who what where when?

Hey dolls!

A quick update and blab on my recent life. Totally random =)

On Monday night, I came back to my parents, for a visit. So for the past 5 days I have been eating, sleeping, shopping, eating sleeping, shopping, eating, sleeping, shopping..... boringggggggg

Slowly I can feel the pounds piling on! eeeeeeeeek!!! Thank god Im leaving for London again on Tuesday!

My parent's house don't have the internet, they don't know how to turn on a computer let alone use the internet so when I moved out 4 years ago, they cut it off! Everytime I come back I have to use my USB stick, anyone who has one will know how slow they areeeeee! I feel oldskool, remember 56k dial up???!? thats how frigging slow it is. Uploading videos is a total NONO! I tried once, it took me 5 hours and it also used up my whole balance of £14! just to upload a video? nah thanks.
When I am back in London on Tuesday, videos will be uploaded =D

On a total random note, my addiction to buying shoes has re-surfaced! A couple of years ago, this obsession took over, one day I bought 7 pairs of shoes, got home and put them in my 'shoe cupboard'. 4 pairs are still unworn.
But this time my obsession is with high high friggin high heels! wedges, stilettos and chunky heels. does anyone else realize how the heels on the high st are getting higher and higher?? I used to live in heels and I could actually run in a pair of 5" heels but lately, heels and platforms are so high I can't even imagine myself walking in them!

One thing I haven't been buying is, sorry to say this girls but it is make up. Nothing has really caught my eye, I feel like I have far too much and for me to buy more, It must be really special, really really special.

One song I am really into atm is Katy Perry - Firework, not normally a fan of hers, but somehow love this song. Do any of you guys like it?

A question that I always get from you guys: 'Where do you get your confidence from'?

I am not the most confident person, I have insecurities, I have bad times just like everyone else. Whether you want to show that is another thing.
I genuinely believe confidence comes from within, being content and happy with what you have got is extremely important. Keeping an open mind, keeping a smile on your face and taking every bit of negativity and criticism with a pinch of salt. Afterall, YOU are living your life. Love and care for those who are important, good for your life. Those who try to bring you down? f*** them! we don't need those type of people in our lifes =)

Be true to yourself, don't do harm and live a happy life ^_*



  1. Yes I do love that song !! It makes me feel more confident xx And cant wait for your new video x

  2. Please show us your show collection :D

  3. Sometimes its nice to take a break from the computer :D Can't wait for your videos to be back up though! It would be awesome to see what new shoes, clothes, etc. you've been buying! ^^

  4. aww you are such an inspiration!
    I LOVE KP, girlcrush >.<
    and same about the pounds piling, i want to exercise but then it's too cold 8)
    annabelle, <3

  5. Great days you had! I wish i could do the same :)


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