17 November 2010


Today was a casual day, I went shopping with my Mum. We shopped for 5 hours yet I came back with zilch!

Im not sure why but I haven't been impressed with the shops lately. Autumn/Winter is my Fave season for shopping. Lots of layers are required hence another excuse to buy more clothing. I have been searching for 'that' perfect winter coat for a couple of months now and I still can't find one?!? Either my expectations are too high or I just have my mind set on a particular style I haven't come across yet?! Gah I wish I had the time to design and make my own!

Anyhoo.... This was my FOTD....

(Click if you want to enlarge the photo, same with all my photos)


Benefit Boing concealer
Revlon Colourstay Foundation
Shu Uemura colorless powder
MAC sculpting powder
Majolica Majorca Blush in OR211


MAC pintpot blackground
Urban decay Naked palette, Creep Smog and virgin
UD Eyeliner 24/7 in zero
Eylure 100s
Loreal voluminous mascara


Zilch! I forgot to bring my lipbalm home with me, no lipbalm = no lip products
(no lippy on my dry flakey lips ^_^)


  1. loveeeee it! esp the hair color!

  2. love ur hair !!!

  3. i love it! your hair color looks amazing and healthy!

  4. What hair dye do you use and what colour?!

  5. I love your hair-- and your complexion is so clear! haha

  6. Your hair color looks so gorgeous!

  7. So gorgeous! I freaking love your hair color... not many Asians can pull that off :)

  8. beautiful =]

    tzeyien89.blogspot.com xxx

  9. Love the makeup really pretty :)Is the Shu Uemura colorless powder good for not settling in lines under the eyes? I find my powder does that and it's soo annoying I'm looking for a new setting powder.

    Love the faux fur scarf by the way!

  10. I love those photos of you!!! You look so beautiful here - like a porcelain doll. Gorgeous!

  11. i love your scarf where is it from???

  12. love the casual look! very pretty!!!

  13. Where did you get your fur coat from?


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