27 November 2010

EYEKO's latest offerings....

Here is a couple of Eyeko's latest offerings:

Lipstatik Glossy Lip Pen : Limited Edition

rrp £6.50

What they say:

'Following fashions trend for bold lips is easy with Eyeko Liptastik Glossy Lip Pen. Just line and fill in one easy sweep for liner, colour and gloss in one! Available in 2 must-have shades featuring a fresh fruity fragrance and added gloss for luxe lips' (eyeko Website)

Loud Mouth (Rosy pink) Lip Lover (Sexy Red)

Below are swatches on the lips...

What I say:

I absolutely LOVE these. Not only are these 3 in one but they also glide on ever so smoothly. After application my lips feel super smooth, these are incredibly moisturizing. The Pictures don't really do it justice as the colour is highly pigmented and intense.
Application barely takes a minute due to the smoothness of it. Lips are left Glossy and plump.

The price is affordable, The average price of a drugstore lipstick but hey, with this product you are getting 3in1, liner, lipstick and gloss! I just wish they had a more varied colour choice.

Have you tried these? whats your thoughts?
Does anyone think they remind you of the MAC CYNDI and GAGA lippys? =p

(disclaimer: this product was sent to me for review purposes. I am not affiliated with the company and all my points are honest opinions)



  1. Ooo they look awsome! I wish they made neutral/nude colours though so I could wear them everyday! :)

  2. WOW the colours are so bright. if they had some more neutral colours i'd be sold!

  3. I wish they had more neutral shades too!


  4. oooo looks cool! havn't tried any eyeko stuff but yeh they do remind me of cyndi n gaga products! Love them too!! You've got nice shaped lips!

    Im also hosting a giveaway on my blog if you wana check it out.

    tzeyien89.blogspot.com xx

  5. they are so beautifull! I love eyeko big eyes! It's my favorite product of this brand..

  6. love the pink one! :) So pretty! x


  7. I love the red one! The pink looks a little too blue toned for me :P

  8. I've never been a huge fan of Eyeko but I absolutely love this!


  9. Ooh, these remind me of the Tarte lip stain pencils a bit, but the Eyeko price is much better, lol. I love how bold the color turns out!

  10. I LOVE these!! I made a small review of them too at amihearts.tumblr.com

  11. they loook so good on your lips! haha

  12. Wow these look amazing! they actually remind me of Gaga and Cyndi lipstick (:

  13. the colours look great on you! i just started following your blog, could you take a look at mine sometime? www.alisontran.blogspot.com thanks!

  14. would you say theses were dupes to the gaga and cyndi? or just slightly similar? <3

  15. These def. do remind me of Gaga and Cyndi MAC lippies. However, it's not the product I'm jealous of, it's your lip shape! Wish I had perfectly plump, shapely lips like yours!


  16. both colours look nice on you..
    your lips are sooo perfect! <3

  17. If you spend over £15 on their website you can get a free gift just by using the CODE: E15069 xx


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