24 October 2010

Twist and Bend

A couple of weeks ago I was sent a couple of hairbands, I have been meaning to blog about them as I have already worn them out a few times! Only today, I had some spare time to do some cam whoring to show you all about it!

I was sent two styles for review, Twist and bend come in a variation of colours and prints all at a affordable price.

So what makes these headbands so unique? Well, these headbands have wires in them, tiny thin wires. This helps the headband structure and once worn, the ends stick up. You can bend them into any shapes you want or even incorporate it into a updo/braid!

Here I am sporting the grey petal one, Its just so cute! I know these are very popular in Asia atm but Im not sure whether I have seen them in the UK yet?

Just the usual dorky me

These headbands are sold by a small business run by two great girls which are based in the UK.

If you are interested, you can buy them here TWIST & BEND

Hope your all having a great weekend!

(Make-up will be an upcoming tutorial ^_^)

(Disclaimer: I was sent two headbands for review purposes, I am not affiliated with the company in any way)


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  2. Yes they are in the UK! I see them in all the big clothing stores in the accessories section :) So versitle you can wear them in loads of different ways <3

  3. hahaa i love those headbands, I bought a few from HK and Malaysia recently ^^

  4. so cute! they make you look like bunnies hehe =) They sell them now at FF21 toO!

  5. hey suzi... that look so cute on you.

    If you have time please drop by and check out my blog, thank you!



  6. You look cute in them. I've seen them in Japanese magazines but not many people are wearing them in Sydney yet.

    Your eyemakeup is pretty tooooo. ^^

  7. i love this look you're gorgeous !

  8. Awesome things :) they look very cute *^_^*

  9. So cute! will definitely go and take a look at their site!!

  10. Super adorable! Can't wait for the makeup tutorial!

  11. Hey suzi! quick question. In your video, Tsubasa Masuwaka Japanese Makeup what kind of hair cut did you get to acheive that look?

  12. So cute. I was thinking of buying one. I've seen them here (US) but was a bit hesitant. I'm gonna buy them when I go shopping next time.

  13. it's really cute! :)


  14. uber cute!!! They are called the usagi!

  15. I've got a few:)their cute.You could get one style in h&m recently,it was pink with polka dots.

  16. cuuuuute but i wear mine at the side :) x


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