16 October 2010

Review: M.A.C Zoom last

M.A.C Zoom Lash rrp £12.50

Mac Description:

This instant volume mascara power-lifts the lashes into length, curls them up...builds them faster than you can wink! Precision control wand glides smoothly down lashes to provide a gorgeously silky upward “sweep”. Smudgeproof and long-wearing!

I got this is a goody bag from MAC. I have never really paid any notice to their mascaras, Mainly because not many people talk about them, and If they ever do, its not very positive.
Not putting it to waste, I gave it a trial. Generously applying two coats, the effects are as below...

(click to enlarge image)

As you may notice, it really builds up the lashes, transforming my thin wispy lashes into voluminous lengthened wispys. I LOVE the effect, but the love ends there....

After applying two coats, my lashes are starting to feel clumpy and weighed down. After about an hour of wear, my lashes completely loose its curl, therefore not so great for short straight lashes like mine.
I apply this at 7am in the morning and by 1pm lunchtime, I have smudgemarks along my lower lashline. If you work in humid places or is under alot of stress like me, even if you have oily skin then I would stay away from this, It will smudge/transfer! However I do LOVE the brush wand. It gets into every little corner without hassle.

Verdict: I do like this mascara, shame about the smudging, I don't enjoy looking into the mirror and seeing dark smudges around my eye. I will finish using this mascara, preferably only on my top lashes but I wont be running out to buy another one. I personally think for the price it is, there is much better and cheaper alternatives on the market.

Have you tried this?


  1. I've had exactly the same experience with this mascara! Not impressed x

  2. oh wow, it does look really nice on your lashes though, shameful about the smudging!

  3. i havnt tried any mac mascaras either. i heard that mac fibre rich lash is supposed to be quite good for our oriental lashes though...

    tzeyien89.blogspot.com xx

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  5. I've never tried this mascara. I hate it when my mascara smudges though :(

  6. I have a trial sized one and as with you, I don't like it enough to purchase a full-sized one. I love that it's dark but it weighs my lashes down

  7. loved this product before mac raised its prices on mascara. black, thick and never smudged for me either plus comes off without eyemakeup remover.

    my friends with short lashes swear by old dependable 'maybelline volume express'..

  8. Hi! Am lookin to get a new mascara, I read on your post that you love Majolica mascara and CLinique high impact curl mascara, which is better?? Would love to see a comparison on this two :)


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