2 October 2010



Its been almost 3 weeks since I last wrote a post >_<>

Well, lets start with the palette that's done its round in the beauty world. I was hesitant to buy this product, simply because I feel like I have all of these colours in my collection already. I vowed to stop buying eyeshadows weeks ago, I have enough to last me for life! yet, tut tut temptation gets the better of me.

Yes, It's the Urban Decay - Naked Palette.... much raved about and highly loved by fellow beauty bloggers

I first saw this in Debenhams on Oxford St on the day of its launch, I looked at it, liked it but didn't love it. I didn't buy...

I got home (palette still in my mind, how sad eh!) and logged on to read all the rave reviews. Anything that has rave reviews makes me want it, even if I don't need it.
So last week whilst shopping with the boifee I picked it up again to actually read it, look at the colours properly and swatch them all. The boifee thought I loved it, hence reading it all and offered to buy it.....

So here it is, sitting on my bed...

The palette comes with 12 neautral colours which is perfect for every single girl, which girl doesn't wear neutrals huh?! Great job UD!

The palette also comes with a double ended eye liner and mini sized primer potion. Below are swatches (on top of the primer potion)

As much as I like this palette, I just don't love it like everyone else, and yes I was right. I have so many colours in my collection that are so similar! The palette really isn't a necessity to me, although this will be good for one thing, traveling!

The pigmentation is great, just like all the other UD palettes, they blend well, last all day and don't budge. If your looking for a good value palette with great quality then this is for you. If like me you have endless amounts of eyeshadows then skip this, you will already have shadows very similar to these colours.

My fave colours: Half baked, Smog, Hustle

The palette is available from Debenhams, House of Fraser and Boots, rrp £27



  1. It's sold everywhere I checked. Lovely palette!



  2. I don't know if i should get this.. decision decision.

  3. one of my favourite palettes by Urban Decay!

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  4. I'm thinking about ordering it online, because it's perfect for traveling.
    It has all the colours I use everyday and more..

    So I'm tempted :)

  5. My local Sephora doesn't have it... last time I checked and online is constantly sold out :(. I'm a beginner and I don't have much so this is perfect for me.

    Actually let me correct that first sentence, my local Sephora doesn't have Urban Decay as makeup on their list in the store. How retarded is that.

  6. Haha I've been wanting to get this for the longest too! I have a lot of similar colors too, but the palette is just so pretty! :(

  7. everyone seems to be getting NAKED. lol the colors are so natural and gorgeous... fits all occasions =)

  8. I'm still thinking about purchasing this palette as well... So pretty! I don't own any Urban Decay products yet either... :p


  9. U finally wrote a post :) hope things are working out for u Suzi. About UD naked palette, Im just happy I got the palette 2 weeks ago... shades are just gorgeous and unique on their own.

  10. Hmm I love the colours and I know I'd use them.. the price can be justified because you get everything in it. I'm still not drivin to buy it now though lol xD

  11. malaysia got this anot ????


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