3 October 2010

M.A.C blogger event..

On Thursday evening I was lucky enough to be invited to attend the first ever MAC blogger event which was being held in their Kensington store for a preview of the new collection, Venomous Villains.

The evening started with drinks and cupcakes and a demonstration on how to create a Cruella de Vil look.
We then headed back upstairs where the store was open for us to browse the new collection and everything else. It was great to meet fellow bloggers again and have a drink or two.

As much as I hate the packaging, there is some great products in this collection.

Fantastic face charts we were sent home with:

I picked up a couple of things during the evening. I could of picked up more but I wasn't feeling too well.

Bite the apple blush
Creme d nude Lippy
Satin Taupe e/s
217 eyeshadow brush

Bite the apple blush was the product that stood out the most to me, It looks super bright and boy is it pigmented! A little goes a long way with this product.

satin taupe and creme d nude

We were all sent home with a goody bag packed with information, face charts and 2 products from the new collection. A zoom lash Mascara and A magically cool liquid powder, Cajun.

It was a great event, great people, great demonstration and great atmosphere. The collection will be out next week.

What have you got your eyes on?


  1. Haha I can see why you hate the packaging! It's got Disney written all over it~
    But I love how you get the facecharts of how to do all my favourite charaters, I wonder if they have disney princess ones anytime soon....

  2. I am so jealous!! I really love the packaging!! I think its amazing and really hope the collection comes here SOOON!!


    <3 Cassie

  3. Satin taupe is an awesome colour, blush looks nice too!

  4. wow!!!! so cool
    i love the blush´s color!

  5. The taupe and the blush are lovely.

    And I love the face chart of the evil queen!

  6. The Cruella makeup on the model is GORGEOUS!

  7. yeah the packaging puts me off buying the products to be honest. but the products themselves don't look that bad. id love to get an opportunity like that!

    Alexander McQueen scarf: www.she--wrote.blogspot.com

  8. I just bought the bite the apple blush and I love it. (:


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