9 October 2010

Finally, Its Back....

WOW, I have waited so long for this.

Last Christmas I bought a small bottle, used it, loved it and when I went back for more, I was sad to learn that it was a limited edition product!
Unwilling to pay the ridiculous amounts on ebay for some I waited.... for months and finally!

Yesterday as I passed the LUSH store I HAD to buy some, I got the largest bottle at £9.95 for 500g. No doubt will I be restocking before it all sells out.

I use it for showers, baths, even to wash my hands! The smell is divine and so addictive, the strong bubblegum scent lingers for hours after washing. My PJs smell of it, the bathroom smells of it, my underwear draw absorbs it, LOVE IT! Again, it will be limited so make sure you try it, and if you love it? STOCK UP!

If you haven't tried this before then I strongly recommend it. It can also be used to wash the hair... By far is this my fave product from LUSH, slowly trailing behind is the comforter bubble bar.

Have you tried snow fairy before? do you love it as much as I do?




  1. I really love this shower gel...the scent is soo gorgeous!
    I bought almost a ton to last me the entire year.

    Please check out my blog:

  2. I LOVE this one, definitely getting the large bottle

  3. I don't understand the hype with this product!

    I just think it smells like a six-year-old girl... >_<


  4. I have never tried a lush product before! I think im the only one! lol
    looks cute though x

  5. You really make me curious haha

    haven't tried it before though :)

  6. Im curiuos of the scent now!! think I will go and smell it and see if i like it!!:D


  7. love lush products
    come follow xoo

  8. i never tried anything from lush before...mayber i should try this since its so famous!


  9. I've heard so many good things about this product! I really should try it :) xo

  10. I haven't tried any lush products, but I might as well check this one out =)

  11. I really like Lush's soaps, but I've only used the hard soaps, not shower gels.. Maybe I should check this out if they have it in our local store! :)
    Thanks for the tip!


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