30 October 2010

Discount Polish

Last weekend I paid the nail shop I visit. Many of you have been asking where this nail shop is?
I will put the address at the end of this post ^_*

This shops sells a huge amount of polishes, brands like O.P.I are £5 - Essise and china glaze are £4 etc...

I picked up 4 colours and 1 top coat polish

Once I arrived home, Mucho Dinero was looking very familiar! As I throw these into my stash of polishes, I realize I already have it! DOH! does this ever happen to you guys?

I picked up this Orly polish too, Never bought Orly before but boy will I be buying more. The bottle is huge, the grip on the top is perfect and the consistency and application of this is incredible. I only needed one coat to achieve an opaque and streak free finish.

The usual standard O.P.I top coat =)

Ok, so here is the address, It is in a small unit style place with space to park your car =)

Horn Lane - SE10 0RT - London


Have a great halloween weekend everyone!


  1. omg i love those essie nail polish colours *_*
    essie is pretty expensive in aus :(

  2. oooh next to the cash and carry right?

  3. I like Orly polish too =)

  4. dont laugh at me.... but i quite like th maroon brown polish! x

  5. Shall head there first when I next go into London C:
    Thanks for sharing <3

  6. wow.. i have been going to those shops for the whole of my life and go past there everyday and i never knew there was a place that sold nail polishes there o_o

    and LOL i even had to google map it xD
    but now i know its right next to seewoo, thankyou!!

  7. Carousel Coral is a beautiful colour!

  8. Aww I wish there was a store that sold Essie polishes at discounted prices where I live. They're always full retail price in the stores here :(

  9. omg i never even knew there was a discount shop around here.
    thanks for sharing :)

  10. ahh we go there too! it's by the o2(ish) right! x

  11. does the nail shop have a name? thanks suzi<3

  12. hey peeps, whats the name of this place? thanks x


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