29 July 2010


Its been too long.......

I apologize for my lack of posts, videos, updates and tweets! >_<

Just a lil update on what's been going on in my life. As you all may well know I graduated last month. For those who always ask me on FB and formspring, I did a Fashion Design Degree. I spent my time applying for jobs during the last month and it paid off. I got a offer.
I know some of you will ask me what I do as I get tons of questions on Formspring asking me what I do, am I a student? what do I study? if not where do I work etc... Im not going to disclose where I work as its inappropriate but I am a Assistant Designer. It means assisting the head designer in designing garments for high street retailers like Topshop, River Island, Oasis etc... I have to design, create specs, liaise with the factorys and buyers and create garments suitable to their customer. It is VERY hard work I must admit but the perks of the job is seeing everything before it goes into the shops and tomorrow I will be purchasing a leather jacket designed by my head for £15, it retails in the high st shop at £150! BARGAIN!

so yeh, lots of hard work, no sleep and constant headaches. I have also broken out too due to the stress, I only started last week! >_<

So this is where all my time has gone. I leave the house at 7:30am and get home at 7pm Mon-Fri, It is physically draining me out and sometimes I even forget to have lunch because I have so much to do =_= Hopefully this explains why I haven't been updating more often, but don't worry, weekends are all about making videos and posts! =) I have slowly accumulated a rather large haul during the past few weeks, video? =D

Im also moving houses this coming Sunday, say bye to the Pink room! hehe ^^



  1. Wow Suzi, congrats! Got a great job already =D

    Good luck >< I'm sure you'll be feeling better once you get used to the routine :)

  2. Congratulations on your graduation and your new job! :)
    I would love to see some of your fashion works (from uni?), maybe you could show us one day? :D

    It sounds like a amazing job with great prospects for the future, I'm so happy for you :) I need to job hunt :(

    Good luck in your job and for your move too ^^

    Take care of yourself Suzi xx

  3. Get me a job Suziipoooo! I have just graduated uni BSc Fashion Buying! I'm living of pennies! Penniessss-- *Fades out*

  4. I'm glad you've already landed a job! =) We understand that you're working hard. Keep doing your best!

  5. congratulations on a new job! good luck and most importantly - a lot of patience - you've got a serious sense of style so I'm pretty sure you'll be a huge success

  6. Sounds like you're heading to a great start after graduating, envious of you :) Best of luck to you in your ambitions! I would love to see some of your designs out in the market someday, just let us know when that happens ;)

  7. well done suzi for being so ambitious and working so hard! we know you will a great job and make our high street shops 10x better than they are now!

    good job and add oil!! x

  8. Good Luck and Congratulations.

    Please be my friend:http://wonderland-sweet.blogspot.com/

  9. Congrats, Suzi! That sounds amazing!

  10. You go girl Congrats :) im sure it's gonna be tough at first and you will cope with it in time. You will be making your very own money :D yay

  11. I have been hunting for a job too, hope i hear some good news soon.
    PS: Looking forward to a new vid

  12. omg wow congrats hun !!!

  13. Congrats on your new job! =D Wow, a leather jacket for £15? That's amazing yo O_O

  14. Sounds like you've been busy, but congrats on your new job!!! So excited to hear more about your future plans!! <3

  15. Suzi, Im one of your newest followers. And to read how you have become is very inspiring. It shows how far people can become.
    But what I want to ask you is how have you become so famous as clearly you have many fans!

    please follow me back?


  16. Did they check out this blog as part of your interview?

    But congrats!


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