31 July 2010

Swap Goodies.....

A few weeks ago I did a swap with Grace from graciousglamours. She is incredibly sweet and adorable. There was some problems with custom charges because it was all the way from singapore but she was so understanding =)

First of all the package that arrived was huge, I was like whoa! Once I opened it there was lots of little boxes bursting with products! she must of went way over budget, Im currently in the process of sending her a 2nd package as a thank you =)

Im just gonna whizz through the pictures because she sent me so much, I would be here forever if I were to go into detail with them all ^_^

One of the boxes it came in was so cute, it had my name on it! so thoughtful girl ^^

She also wrote me a really sweet letter and little notes, Grace is super thoughtful, she wrote descriptions and little notes on each product, superrrrr sweet!

Onto the products:

Shiseido Majolica Majorca Mascara / Kiss eye make up remover (apparently this removes the most stubborn mascara!)

Limited Edition Majolica Majorca Blooming eyes palette

A selection of face masks

Etude House Cream Liner

Majolica Majorca Eyeshadow palette / Kose Fasio eyeshadow palette

Canmake Nudy gloss lipgloss / Canmake loose cheek highlighter

Lavshuca and canmake nail polishes

Essential anti frizz serum! (LOVE THIS)

Castle Dew palettes and lipgloss

LOVE the packaging, very Jill Stuart

How pretty is that?!

Selection of sweeties, all gone now! LOL

Dolly Wink Lashes / Korean Lashes

Some super cute jewellery

She also got me this little gift for my bday, thank you so much girl, she knows me so well! ^^
Anna Sui - nail polish, lipgloss, lipstick,lipbalm and eyeshadow. It came in a cute Anna Sui tin too

As you can see Grace really spoiled me! Thank you so much girl ^^

Please go follow grace, she is an amazingly sweet girl.




  1. awww she seems like a really sweet girl!
    Love all the goodies she gave you <3

  2. She gave you so much stuff! Lucky girl. ^^

  3. Now I'm jealous haha. :)
    She's really nice. That's so much pretty stuffs!!!
    I love Anna Sui~

  4. fantastic swap! i am dying to do a swap with someone from asia or uk since theres so many products i want to try! :D

  5. Those are some amazingg goodies! i love doing swaps! : ) maybe we can do one together sometimes! feel free to contact me! : )

  6. awesome swap. please do some product reviews on the stuff when you get a chance


  7. Wo0oW you got so spoiled!!!

    Defos do some reveiws!!



  8. Wow, such awesome stuff! Love the castledew palettes! :)

  9. WOW soooo many goodies! so jealous. you totally got spoiled haha.
    everything looks amazing, especially the castledew stuff!

  10. those are some cute products! Hope you do a look on them!

  11. wah.. so many goodies! im jealous;p
    cant wait to see reviews n new looks~

  12. Aww so sweet. : ) I wanna try the Shiseido Majolica Majorca Mascara!! Tell us how it is :)

  13. What an amazing package!!!! Have fun playing with all of your goodies!!

  14. OMG! You're such a lucky girl!! Grace was so sweet! I love swaps. LOL. <3

  15. so many wonderful products!
    grace seems so sweet :)

  16. Woah so cool!

  17. Wow, that bracelet looks fab! xo

  18. Lucky you XD Great stuff :) jealous here :P

    I have a award and tag for you :)


  19. woooow ! look all the things she gave to youu, very nicee!

  20. Ahhh the castle dew stuff is so pretty!

  21. omg i love all the stuff she got you!!


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  23. Wah such cute items :(
    And the bracelet is pretty

  24. I'm such a sucker for cute packaging... super jealous!!



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