19 July 2010

Sleek Circus....

As much as I love the sleek palettes I can't help but bash the packaging for the current palette.

Ok , I understand the name of this palette is circus, but honestly this packaging is AWFUL. I personally really hate it, as shallow as it sounds it just doesn't look good sat on the vanity! Its Red, its plastic, its tacky ugh.

Despite the let down packaging, the shadows never fail to impress. Excellent quality for drugstore standards. Some of the colours are really beautiful..

This palette consists of 10 matte colours and 2 shimmers which is a refreshing change too as Sleek normally jam in the shimmer in most of its palettes...

A light handed swatch of the colours:

Have you got this palette? What do you think of it?

(Disclaimer: This palette was sent to me free for review purposes. However this does not affect my opinion. I am not affiliated with the brand.)



  1. wow! the purple is beautiful! i really like the colours in this palette! wish i could get one >.<!

    but i agree the packaging looks tacky :S

  2. Love the pink in the middle and also the, shimmery blue in the right :)

  3. ooooooooo when is it released? he colours look nice. i like the pink actually. n the baby blue n purple. can match nail polish i have! haha sometyhing different

  4. Hey! Yeah i saw this when i was at superdrug and bought my first ever sleek palette the storm edition and just finished doing a mini review on it hehe! But yeah the circus has some really cute colours and their matte which is love! Just went to get the sunset one =) getting addictive! Lia x

  5. Love the shimmering green and blue on the bottom :) The palette itself, however, looks like a small child's play palette.. tackyy. The colours are super pigmented though! x

  6. All of the colours are slightly OTT so I bought the Storm palette instead :)

  7. the box is kind of cute, comes off as a kids watercolour set

  8. I wish I could live in London,,, because of Sleeks!!! I can't get any sleeks here in Korea, damn !

  9. fun colors but only for like a party or something, not really something you would wear. I personally like the red, but yes, it's mega tacky because it was made in flimsy plastic....

  10. This palette sure does look fab... despite the tacky red color plastic packaging. I still have yet to get my hands on a Sleek palette!!! They look so nice and fun to play with. <3

  11. Currently on the hunt for matte brown eyeshadows, so far I have no intention to travel to another town just to get this palette since my local Superdrugs don't carry Sleek. Though the colours are pretty and amazing I personally can't see myself sporting such...loud colours LOL

  12. I haven't got one, the colors seem nice.

  13. Love the pallet and how i wish they sold them here in australia....

    *looks at comment of ad*


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  15. Color payoff is really good!!

  16. Is this still available does anyone know? xxx

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