2 July 2010

Review: The Body Shop Big and Curvy Mascara

Big and Curvy Lashes? lets put it to the test...

The Body shop claim:

'The advanced brush glides colour from root to tip and the advanced formula fix the curl for luscious lashes. A great complex of plant and wax ingredients that gives up to 9 times more volume and incredible curl'

(Credits: The Body Shop Online Shop)

The wand doesn't look too impressive, straight up and down and very slim. Great for lower lashes but somehow when I think of big curvy ashes I think of a big fat curvy brush? that maybe just my frame of mind.

The packaging is attractive thou, pink!

Here is my bare lashes, curled with a shu uemura eyelash curler...

and now, with the mascara on. My lashes do feel long and voluminous but there is a obvious drop in curl, my lashes head south.

From below shot, as you can see, my lashes look long and defined without a clump in sight.

Volume - 4*
Length - 4*
Curl - 2*
Flake - 3*
Price - 4*
Packaging - 4*

This mascara is retailed at £10 which is an acceptable price for TBS products but I think a much cheaper drugstore mascara could also achieve this finish, or even better.

Although this didn't work on my poker straight and thin lashes, I will be using this on my lower lashes. If you have naturally long and curly lashes I think you will love this product, if like me you have straight short lashes then I wouldn't recommend it.


  1. Whoa... those pictures look pretty bad, hon. It's like you've drawn eyelashes on the photo with a fineliner!

    I really think you can do better than that mascara, your lashes are lovely.

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  3. yah i gotta agree with the two others here, but i do agree with you on putting it on your lower lashes. that should work just to use it up right no point in wasting hehe :D


  4. I agree... This mascara made your lashes look ugly than the original. I'd say stick to Majolica Majorca :)

  5. This mascara doesn't do justice for your lashes - I think they looked better before then after. Like others have said, this mascara makes your lashes look like "spider legs" :<

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  7. I loove the body shop body butters but damn that mascara was a disappointment. BUT glad u still found a use for it...

    YouTube: TheKatsMeow3


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