12 July 2010

MAC Lipstick Collection...

Im not a big fan of MAC lipsticks, other than the cremesheen formulas I find everything pretty drying on my lips, but still I have managed to accumulate a small collection (hangs head in shame)

I remember my very first MAC lipstick, purchased when I was about 13/14? It was the ever so wearable Lovelorn, one that I went through tubes of and used it until the age of 18. Yes, thats 4 consecutive years!

Here is my small collection...

Colours like saint germain, lavender whip and hue wasn't good enough for me so they were sold. All swatched in natural daylight.

My Fave is Ravishing which surprise surprise is a cremesheen formula, its very wearable, its a creamy coral/orange colour. Apart for Lovelorn and Ravishing, I never finish any of the other colours.

I haven't been impressed lately by the colour selection in the latest MAC collections, all seem pretty similar to something I already have.

.....despite this collection that hardly gets to touch my lips, Im still lemming for some other colours. Shy Girl and Creme d nude! cremesheens ftw ^_^

Whats your fave MAC colours?


  1. SLimshine Missy is pretty...

  2. You might like plink :-) Its a cross between a pink and a coral.

  3. I love Plink! my first and only MAC lipstick, and my favourite lipstick of my collection. I'm tempted to buy Myth, the swatch is so pretty :) x

  4. I've only bought my first MAC lipstick at the beginning of this year hahaha... Favourites would be: Creme d'Nude, Creme Cup, Blooming Lovely and liking the colour of Snob too. I also like Slimshine Scant, but I'm yet to get that one hahaha. Colourcrafted looks gorgeous, while Myth is too white on me ><

  5. The Cremesheens look great but i have the same problem that they dry out my lips -.- it doesnt matter if i use a lip butter under it.

    But i still love Hue! It´s my everyday lipstick. it´s a color which you can wear everytime.

    sorry about my english, i´m from germany ;)

  6. Sea sheer and Siss are my fav shades =)

  7. oh the morange looks very pretty for summer! My favorite MAC lip colors are Ladybug and Russian Red.

  8. Blankety is my go-to lipstick. Give it a go! It's an amplified, so super pigmented and creamy xx

  9. Morange is a beautiful shade, I want to try mac lippies so bad! Btw, you rock nude shades better than anyone ;)

  10. Myth looks really nice...ACtually, they all look really nice :)
    So many lippies! :o

  11. I loveee Angel, I've got it and its lovely :)
    Vegas volt and Morange have caught my eye too, they look beautiful! :)



  12. I love Ravishing! Its my fisrst and only mac lip product but I love it, (call me weird but it smells lovely too!!) X x

  13. i dont have any mac lipstick because here in brasil is way expensive^^"" i ll try to buy ate ebay XD lets see! I love pink color! *_*
    awesome collection!

  14. hie Suzi~
    not sure if u knew, but Allcosmeticswholesale has MAC's cremesheen in Shy Girl atm..it's even on sale @ USD10.99;)
    i got it from the same site:) its tad bit coral for my own taste, but i think it will fit u perfectly~


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  16. OMG you are so gorgeous!!
    and you are fashion designer--I'm jealous :(
    I really wanna study fashion designer but I end up studying Engineering TT

    anyway I wanna try vegas volt but afriad that it's gonna be too bold (May be people gonna see my lip color before they see me hehe)
    What do you think about Vegas volt?
    How do you wear it?



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