8 July 2010

Japanese Cosmetic Haul+Review Swatches

All products were sent to me free for review purposes from apopofkawaii however this does not affect my honest opinion. If I don't like a product, I will tell you. =)

Dolly Wink Lashes in no.2

Lunasol Control Make Up Base - 02 Lighting

Canmake 3blush1highlighter blush

Kate Gel Eyeliner - Black

Kose Visee Black Forming Eyes - B5

Majolica majorca Blush in 88 and 0r211

Canmake Nudy Glow Gloss in Strawberry whip

The review video is uploading, will link it once its up =)



  1. I like those dolly lashes!!Anyway I e-mail you my e-mail ad is fleurdeliscreation.gmail.com

  2. the dolly lashes look very nice (:

  3. nicnic is always so sweet! i like all the goodies she sent you! especially the lunasol base, kate eyeliner and the kose palette! :) enjoy! :)

  4. where did you get all the jap stuff.. so cute! I love that gel liner and lipgloss!

  5. I enjoy watching your videos. You just have to be careful with you editing. There are parts wehre the background music is louder than you and I can't understand what you are saying.

    But love the honesty. Ty!

  6. great haul!!! i LOVE japanese cosmetics! soooo beautiful!

  7. i love the lippie + the lashes

  8. oh my goodness! everything looks so good! :)

  9. Wow nice.. but the kate eyeliner tends to dry up pretty fast... so handle with care not to keep it open all the time... =P

  10. Heey! :D i just wanna say that i really love your videos! I always check your new ones! Please keep making them!! :D And i really like the review of those Japanese cosmetics! The Majolica Majorca Blushes are so pretty! ^-^ & also like the gloss!(:
    I'm looking for some good lashes for the daily use. and i wanted to buy the Dolly Wink Lashes in no. 1, but as you sad that the no. 2 are too dramatic, i wanna try some criss cross ones (My natural eyelashes are so small, mascara doesn't help much :c)What do you recommended for the daily use? ^^

    (and sorry for my bad English,:c)

  11. love the blush containers!!


  12. hey suzi. i'm your subsciber of your youtube chanel, and i'm your fan from Thailand! <3
    and as you had mentioned about the lashes which are soo dramatic;
    i've read a lot of Scawaii-Thailand and Ray-Thailand magazines, they always come with columns about how to apply lashes and kinds of lashes and how the eyes will come out w/different types of them, and stuff. thick volumized lashes in the middle in the eyes will make your eyes look bigger, long curl lashes at the end of your eyes will give you a sweet cute eye-look ;for example
    as japanese girls have really small eyes, they would go with super crazy lashes and they are real expert in applying lashes.

    so far.
    i really lovvvvve your vids!
    keep on making great vids suzi !

  13. The makeup base and lip gloss look really affective! :D

  14. cute post! loving those eyelashes ^^

  15. ooh they all look so pretty!

  16. WoW! I like them all ;)



  17. the canmake gloss looks great on you! i found that the no.2 dolly wink didn't work for me as well :(

  18. brilliant haul. i LOVE jap make up :)

  19. ooh la la i can't stop drooling! i have the kate eyeliner and i absolutely love it.

  20. I just have a question, where do you order your make up stuff ?? =)

    Btw I love your blog & your youtube channel ^^

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  22. Really loved your page, i have just started to blog where i dedicate my blogs to fashion and beauty, its just for fun, so anyone is welcome to stop by,

    love your page suzi!!!


  23. Sorry Suzi,

    I made a error its www.kimzstyles.blogspot.com

    So new to all this,!!xx

  24. I love Japanese cosmetics too....most of them are so cute:)


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