1 July 2010

I made it!

If you noticed, I have been MIA for the past few days, no fb update, minimal tweeting and no videos or blog posts! The reason is that on Tuesday it was my Graduation! For the past 3 days I have been staying in a hotel with the parents.

The ceremony was held in Guildford Cathedral and boy was it hot and sweaty that day! The weather reached 27/28 degrees Celsius and I was stood under direct sunlight for more than 5 hours, hello melted makeup and kinky hair ='_=

Not that you can really see but my outfit consisted of a black knee length dress from Topshop. It had ruffled sleeves and a nipped in waistband followed with a pencil skirt finish. My shoes where also from Topshop but these were bought a while back ago now, I had 5/6 inch heels on to make me a lil taller =p

My make up was pretty minimal, the usual base, contour and hihglight and peachy blush. The eyes where contoured with a light brown finished off with eyeliner and falsies. I used red/coral lipstick but blotted it so it gave a nice natural matte colour.

Below is my mum and dad (can you feel the heat from the photo? lol)

This is Zandra Rhodes, Famous textile and fashion designer who is now chancellor of my uni, well ex uni now. She's so colorful, she's fab! I hope when Im older I can still rock it like she does.

Group photo, can you spot me? at this point I was feeling dizzy and faint, the height didn't help either.

We finished the day off with dinner, below is my sister and her partner =)

It was such a great and emotional day, but I can finally say that I am no longer a student. =)

p.s lets resume these posts, videos and updates! ^_*


  1. Yaay congrats! :D
    Can't wait for more vids hehe x

  2. awwh congrats! you look beautiful =)
    hehe. x

  3. Congratulation on graduating :)

    I follow your video and even on twitter, I find you very nice.

  4. congrats!
    i can't wait until i finish uni ><

  5. congrats!!! you look gorgeous for your graduation :D

  6. Aww congratulations and well done Suzi :) xx

  7. Congratulations, Suzi! =DD

  8. Congratulations!! Lookin' gorgeous!!

  9. Congratulations...you look beautiful.
    Small World... you from Hull isn't it cause I knew ur mum, I used to live in beverley and hull too !!I always think you look alike someone I knew, so i was right.congrats again anyway.

  10. Congrats on graduating! You look lovely :)

  11. Congratulations girly! Fantastic! xx

  12. Congrats!!!
    I know what you mean about the heat I went to use my Sleek lip conditioner today and found it had melted it was a liquid >_<
    Thank god it didn't leak :S

  13. congrats lovely!

    Cotton xx

  14. aww congrats!! :) and you look lovely in these pics

  15. you look radiant and beautiful :) congratulations.

  16. Aww you gradded! Congrats! You look great, and good luck for the future~

    As for me, 3 more years to go...

  17. congratz!!!! beautiful makeup ... luckily didn't melt on this hot hot day right? haha.

  18. I've been watching you for a long time...I didn't know you live in Guildford...haha I live quite close to Guildford Cathedral- lucky me! Hope I get a chance to meet u^^


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