13 July 2010

going gaga

roaming around japanese fashion blogs I came across these Images on tokyofashion.com. How cool are these!

out come the hair bows and blonde wigs, posing in true Gaga style.....

Im so feeling this image, especially the hair colour, I need.

are you feeling these?


  1. They look fabulous! And I think that hair colour would look beautiful on you! xxx

  2. That's Gaga!
    But is copied very well & the gals are pretty.
    I also dig that hair color, think I have the same. ^^

  3. hahah they kinda do look like Lady Gaga.

  4. wow that hair colour is dee-licious!

  5. Here in Brazil is the same! all girls are trying to copy gaga with the look, hair and clothes! i love lady gaga! she is awesome! sooo fashion!
    *_* these girls do the job! tokyo-gaga!

    about hair..love your hair Suzi! *_*
    im a fan!

  6. i love that ashy blonde color! i've always wanted to try it but scared the color would wash me out.
    you should totally try it though it'll look so pretty on you ^^

  7. Wow fabulous. Japanese are good at imitating styles without looking weird <33 Love it



  8. I agree, I love that hair colour!

  9. the blonde colour is super cute! you should try it out(: gaga's style is indeed fab, but a bit too crazy for me. soda cans in the hair? fun, but i'll pass! but i do have to say.. all those shoes are amazing..! xx

  10. They are all wearing wigs =P Wigs are common in japan , even colors like black and brown are always seen been worn by stylish girls. I love how they all match their outfits.

  11. Yes!!!
    That hair colour will suit you a lot! :)

  12. They are amazing and too cute! I think you should go for the hair color!

  13. They look even better than her !

  14. I'm not bold enough to try the Gaga style but it certainly looks fun! I think you would pull off the two outfits in the last photo very well :)

  15. wow they all look great! wish i was adventurous enough to try that look! :)

  16. LOL I've been these before... and I think it's totally awesome :D would love to try it myself XP

  17. Hahaa not really feeling these coz I am not a fan of Lady Gaga at all ...

  18. I love their hair colour! n__n

  19. super cool~ wish i can pull off walking around like this in the states.

  20. theyre all amazing! so cool <3

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  22. This is amazing, i'm totally going to dress as GAGA for halloween, coke can curls are a must!!! xxx


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