10 July 2010

Eyeko does it again?

This morning I was woken up by the postman again. This time I wasn't expecting anything so I was surprised when I opened it up to reveal two new Eyeko polishes.

Eyeko Polishes have made a great impression on me, I LOVED the posh polish and their formulas are so great and consistant, they can rival some of the higher end brands. Here are the two new colours:

Saucy Polish and Rain Polish

Rain polish is a truly unique colour, it really does define the word 'rain'. Mixtures of grey and blue hues express that raindrop colour perfectly. I don't think I have come across anything like this before, I have grey polishes, blue polishes but not this type of 'rain' colour.

Next up is 'saucy' polish, which is well er quite saucy. Its a true cherry red colour but nothing really outstanding. Im sure I have colours like this in my nail collection already and shades like this are easily dupable.

Swatches on white paper

Of course I had to whip on the Rain Polish straight away, as I would of thought the formula is exceptional, it applies smoothly and streak free, again this is just one coat. If only all polishes could be as pigmented as these it would save me alot of time!

I LOVE this colour, it looks more blue here but in real life its slightly more grey.

Do you likey? will you be trying this colour? do you know any dupes for this colour?



  1. That grey/ blue is amazing!
    I love it~~

  2. Rain looks just like Models Own's Beth Blue! A beautiful colour indeed :)

  3. definitely want to try the rain colour! not sure if it would suit my tanned hands at the moment though

  4. Shortiee31: I agree with you there but I think Beth's blue is a prettier blue :P

    I don't like these polishes much in general as they are nothing special....the colours are just the same as ones you could get from 17 or Barry M so I will give them a miss :) xo

  5. these nail polish look so stunning! the packaging is so cute as well! :)

  6. I wanted to try that rain color as well!!

    HEY BLOGGIES!!! If you like those polishes and want two FREE GIFTS along w/ your purchase @ EYEKO.com

    enter: "POPSTAR" ( if you spend $15 or more you receive a free eyeko line & shine pencil )

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    Happy shopping everyone!!

  7. Love the blue!! I was planning on buying pretty much all the shades they have right now :D


  8. Love the Rainy color :)

  9. I like the Rain colour hehe~ It represents Vancouver, where I live; it rains so much here! Wishing it would rain right now though; it's so hot =_=';;
    I just realized, the bottles kind of look like paint bottles

  10. Wow, the Rain colour is nice! I'm not sure about any dupes, but I think there might be a dupe for it from China Glaze. I've done a few swatches on my blog so I can't really recall the specific name ><'

  11. The blue is soo cute. I really like it

  12. The blue color is exactly what I've been looking for!!! Another dupe I could find in the States??? Anyone??? =)

  13. Nice colors !! :D Just one coat too? Nice.

  14. And not only do Eyeko do amazing colours, but right now you can get a free gift with any purchase over £10 or $15 by using the code E10222 at the checkout :)

    I'm going to use the code to try out the rain polish, and will see what else there is too!

  15. wow theyre so pretty, the red one reminds me of ketchup. haha cute.. i like the bluish grayish one

  16. I like the blue one :D So cute!

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