7 June 2010

Graduate Fashion Week / Geo Lens Review

Yesterday was the beginning of graduate fashion week at earls court, Me and a couple of friends were on 'duty'. which basically means standing on my university stand answering questions and generally looking after the portfolios.

The day started horrifically! Traffic! London Traffic! My bf was driving as he came to see my work being exhibited but I was nearly 2 hours late!

We had to stay from 4pm til 8pm. =_=

We finished off by watching my universities graduate catwalk show, which was amazing!

Then we headed off to the afterparty on Kings Road. It was great to see everyone all together and my usually 'severe' tutors letting their hair down on the dance floor!

Me and some of my favorite girls =)

It was an amazing day, rather sad too because I won't see some faces until graduation day >_<

Im also doing a review on the lenses I am wearing in my pictures which are:

GEO Tri Colour Violets. I wear a -1.00 power.

I got to really test these out yesterday, wore them from 4pm til 3am, way past the suggested wear time of 6-8 hours but I really had no other option otherwise I would of been blurry eyed.

The Tri Colour Violets are a beautiful blend of three tones of purple, It creates a really hazy and mesmerizing effect. These are FAR more natural looking then the Angels or Nudys which blatantly look artificial. The Tri Colours are believable and complimenting. Although they don't makes your eyes look as big as Angels because these don't have that obvious looking ring around them.

Another positive is that these are so comfortable, I nearly forgot I was wearing them! Usually when I wear Geo angels, I can only wear them for a maximum of 2 hours before my eyes start stinging and getting red but I didn't have one single problem with these nor did my eyes feel dry at any time.

I would highly recommend these lenses to anyone who wants a natural looking change of eye colour.

These are available from Dbeautyshop



  1. Ohh, gonna get me some of them!
    -keyta x

  2. That looks very fun!
    I am really envious of your lovely hair... (:

  3. good times,yes! look at your hair,gorgeous!

  4. Wow you look absolutely beautiful! i am loving your make up look here xx

  5. i love love that picture of u! u look stunning babe!

    the lenses look great on you!

  6. Hi Suzi~ love your look^^ you're gorgeous.stay pretty^^ xoxo

  7. u look sooo gorgeous... sexy :)

  8. pretty! you totally chanelled the japanese gyaru look in those photos =)

  9. sigh! i would love to wear tri-colors, but i can't coz i have astigmatism ;(

  10. your hair is so pretty! i recently ordered the tri colour in green, can't wait to try them. the purple looks lovely on you!

  11. hey suzi!
    is it okay to wear color lenses even if we don't need contacts?

  12. whoaaa!! i lov th foto of urself...... so pretty ^^

  13. hey gurl just wanted to say your hair is absolutely luscious (pretty!!) ;;

  14. love that makeup on you!!! super sultry ;) and congrats on graduating! can you show us some of your work??? ^^

  15. wow you look so pretty!!
    i prefer the tri colour lenses too!! i've tried the blue although it looks greyish blue on me >< but i dont think i can pull off the black hair with blue eyes look XD

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  18. you look gorgeous, would u let me know what's your hair colour in the last pic of your post? tq :)


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