26 June 2010

The Body Shop Event : Baked to Last..

I was lucky to be invited to The Body Shop Event yesterday in Mayfairs Westbury Hotel.

First of all we were greeted with food and drinks in a Suite. It was great to chat to fellow bloggers and also to meet the PR team again.

The Event concentrated on 4 things

The New Haircare Range
The Vitamin C Range
Baked to Last Makeup Collection
and the petition to stop sex trafficking

First up was the 'Baked to Last' Collection which is made up of 2 Bronzers, 2 Blush and 8 eyeshadows.

Eacg Product is unique with freshly milled powders, pure pigments and fine shimmers, slow baked for 24 hours in Italy on a terracotta disc for intense colour. Baked to Last powder contain less talc and more pearls for a purer colour with a beautiful sheen. The stand out product for me personally was the bronzers, they bare a resemblance to MAC's MSFs. There great quality and there is two shades one to suit a lighter skintone and one for a darker skintone.

Next up is the Vitamin C range. They will replace the current Vitamin C range that is stocked atm.

The Vitamin C range is enriched with Amazoniain camu camu berry- said to be one of natures most powerful source of natural Vitamin C. I have already tried the Eye reviver duo last night, reviews to come =)

Next we have the Haircare range. The comprehensive line-up:

Moisture - Dry Hair
Radiance - Coloured Hair
Shine - Normal Hair
Balance - Oily Hair

Inspiration has also been taken from the infamous Body Butters, a new selection of Hair Butters will be launched. These will be available from July 2010

The most important part of the event was the talk about sex trafficking. Working alongside global partner ECPAT, TBS is launching a petition calling upon governments to give children greater protection against trafficking. To show your support simply fill in a form in-store or log onto the website and be part it. There's also a Hand cream instore and online where you can show your support by purchasing.

The product is £5 but £3.45 from your purchase is donated to the campaign partner ECPAT, who are actively working to stop the trafficking and sexual exploitation of children and young people in the UK and around the world. The donation will help fund ECPAT UK campaigns and prevention projects against child trafficking in the UK.

The event was great and I get to learn more and more about The Body Shop each time. I have been using TBS products since I was about 14 and its great to see them doing so much to do with the community, not just a brand but almost also a charity.

Lastly we walked away with a goodie bag of products to try, so be expecting a few reviews soon =)



  1. Oooo I can't wait for the make up and vit c range reviews! ^^

  2. oh wow!!! Nice!!! I adore The Body Shop!!!

    Much Love,
    enchi :3

  3. wowww cant wait for the reviews before i go get me some :)

    Cotton xx

  4. I'm really intrigued by the sex trafficking awareness charity! i'm glad TBS focuses their efforts not just on beauty products! thanks for sharing :D

  5. I've never tried the body shop products but hey, after this post, I'm kind of intrigued(;

  6. I'm interested to see what the new haircare range is like, I love the honey conditioner!


  7. Nice Freebies!

    I used to adore TBS hairstuff when I was like 16 then I tried it recently and didnt think much of it at all so I cant wait to see the new ranges :)


  8. everything looks so nice! :)

  9. The Baked To last range looks great, and I love the sound of the Hair Butters! Thanks so much for sharing this!

  10. MMMmmm baked goodies! Looks fun. :)

  11. goodies.. i loved baked stuff ♡♡

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