29 May 2010

Swap Goodies..

Hey guys, hope your all hacing a great bank holiday weekend, the weather is rather drab today so Im staying indoors to catch up on things..

A couple of days ago I received my swap goodies from Janice (chaigyaru) who lives in Australia. This is my first Australian swap! ^_^

Here is what Janice got me, I LOVE everything!

The only product I asked for was the Revlon colourburst lippy in Peach, the rest was picked out by Janice herself and gosh she knows me so well! Everything is in the exact colours I like to wear, pinks, corals and neutral eyes =)

She also threw in some etude house cotton puffs, contacts lens case and wrote me a cute little note =)

This is the colourburst in Peach, I LOVE it, its very silky and glides on effortlessly, It has a slight sheen to it but not too much like a frost finish. Its super pretty, I wish the UK would have these by now >_<

Next up is the BYS Lip duos, BYS is a brand Iv seen in many Japanese Magazines but never knew much about. Until Janice told me it was a Australian brand. These are impressive, Very smooth and creamy with great pigmentation, the other end also comes with a matching gloss which is really handy, esp for travelling.

Here are the swatches.. Pretty!

Im really looking forward to finding out more about the brand and their products, it seems great!

Next up is a Eyeshadow Palette by Lilan Vital. I saw these is Janice's blog post and how she compared them to the Kanebo Kate palettes and on 1st impressions they do bear a striking resemblance to the kate palettes.

The packaging inside is VERY similar, also the colour combinations are pretty close too. I can't wait to use these.

She also got me a cute diamante bear keyring which is currently hanging off my keys =)

Thanks Janice for doing this swap =) your a super sweet girl. x


  1. Wow! What a bunch of great products and goodies. =]

  2. I first came across BYS products last year or the year before. I tried many different stuff of theirs. I HATED them all. Such poor quality and terrible colour pay off. The only thing I liked was their tub lipgloss but even that started leaking in my bag :(

  3. i love th key ring & th palette looks amazing !!


  4. wow really pretty things :) love the Revlon Lippie xxx

  5. wow these are awesome :) can't wait for the eye shadow review :)

  6. Evey thing looks really nice! I wanna get that Revlon lip stick soon! Thanks for sharing!

  7. That revlon lipstick looks really nice!! And the key chain is suuuper cute!!


  8. the diamante bear keyring is so cute. :)

  9. That's super cool! I love all, especially cutie bear!

  10. love the eyeshadow palettes

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