6 May 2010

Les Tai Tai - Model Mirror Review

A couple of weeks ago I was sent this mirror for review purposes, I first saw this mirrorin a Pixiwoo video and it looked pretty cool so when I was offered to try one, why not?

Initial reactions was that its pretty big, much bigger than I imagined. I chose the Polka Dot one but there are many other designs.

Here is how Les Tai Tai describe the mirror on its website:

"Bridging the gap between essential beauty tool and must-have fashion accessory, the Model Mirror® has been designed to light up the night when a makeup touch-up is called for. For a taste of backstage pampering in the palm of your hand, this compact mirror has 8 embedded LED lights (arranged to emulate a backstage makeup mirror) which light up with the push of a button. "

It came with clear instructions and information along with a pouch to keep it in.

Its double sided, one normal side and the other, magnified. as soon as I turned on the lights I was amazed at how clearly I could see myself, The LED lights mimic natural lighting for a great view. The lights were pretty bright and it took some adjusting to get used to it.

The Light feature is no doubt the selling point of this product, I couldn't take a picture of the light feature because unfortunately it broke after my second attempt to turn it on. It just won't turn on! grrr...

I would say this product is great for those who like to travel around at night or even for those who lack natural lighting. The packaging and design is really cute but I wouldn't say this is a necessity. This one is priced at £22, not a amount I would normally pay for a pocket mirror, although it would make a great gift

You can purchase these at Les Tai Tai


  1. that's funny cuz I thought about doing a review on a mirror too! hehe. I'm sorry yours doesn't work though. Sasa.com has one Exactly like this but with a different design. And it's $24? It used to be $10-15 during a promotion. I like it. It's not perfect though. I noticed I need to have it open at a certain angle to turn on/off the light. The post is my sasa haul post. :)

  2. wow, what a waste of money that would be, if it breaks after the second use!
    Sorry to say that, but for £22 this shouldn't really happpen!!!!

  3. Sounds amazing but I think I will be giving it a miss! Doesn't seem to reliable.. x

  4. it broke already after the second try?:\
    I like the idea of the LED lights though

  5. how cute! and it has a handy light feature... but that sucks that it broke after the second try :(

  6. what? it broke lol that sucks! its a cute mirror nonetheless though right?! lol hope your having a good weekend!

  7. i always love suzi because you always always give honest opinion, and also including the cons,
    keep work like that, girl!

    we love you , *muach*

  8. cute blog!
    I opened a new fashion blog too, I hope u'll be one of my followers:-)


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  10. Hi Suzi! I just found your blog when I was searching for reviews on Les Tai Tai mirrors. You're so lucky you got sent one to try out - I agree it is a bit pricey for a mirror and that it shouldn't have broken on you so easily. Hopefully that's not the case with most of the mirrors if I decide to order one at a later date. Great review though :)


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