6 May 2010


A FOTD from Tuesday =)


MAC Studio finish concealer
Elisha Coy BB cream
Mac Loose blot powder
bourjois highlighter
Benefit Dallas to contour
MAC Pink Swoon


Mac painterly paint pot as base
Sleek Storm Palette (Matte black on eyelid) (Light shimmer beige for highlight)
Sleek Original palette (dark shimmer green in and just above the crease)
MAC smoulder liner on top lashline, blended out
MAC crystal avalanche on lower lash line
Clinique High impact curling mascara
Eylure 100 falsie


Mac Myth on top of Ravishing



  1. Gorgeous as always but I think you look even better when your hair has a slight wave in it :)


  2. So so pretty like a porcelain doll! x

  3. Your lashes look AMAZING! Such a beautiful look :D

  4. Your hair is so amazing, I bet you receive many comments about it already but it won't hurt to receive another one? =]

  5. gorgeousness! love the drama of the look! :)

  6. Nice make up and hair style! =]

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