1 May 2010

Eyeko Love

A couple of weeks ago Eyeko kindly offered to send me some products to review. I haven't tried anything from the brand before. The packaging, the product and the tiny corner it sits in Superdrug just never attracted me.

So when I received this package I didn't have high hopes....

They sent me a selection of nail polishes and eyeliners:

All 5 polishes have their own pretty straight to the point name which describes them perfectly. My fave is the Posh Polish, a blatant copy of the Chanel polish that flew off the shelves earlier this year. The colour is pretty darn similar!

Here is swatches with just one coat, boy was I wrong. These nail polishes are glossy, apply smoothly, and dry relatively quick. I am far more than impressed and the best part is the price tag at only £3.50!

one coat!! (no topcoat or anything else, NADA!)

Here are the eyeliners, I hardly wear coloured eyeliners tbh but these had me experimenting. The felt tip nib is perfect for those who are not so confident with liquid eyeliner brushes. Its basically like the felt tips we used when we were younger, easy right?

The tip allows you to create fine or thick lines effortlessly and boy, the staying power on these are strong! verging on a stain. I used my cleansing oil to wash this off and it doesn't budge easily, not sure whether this is a good thing or not? good for a long day but bad because it will require more rubbing action on the eye area.

Final Verdict: I LOVE the polishes, it goes to show that you should never judge a book by its cover. I certainly need a back up of the posh polish, I can imagine this to be a sell out and I will need to pick up a Black eyeliner for the hot summer days ahead.

Have you tried eyeko products before?


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  2. The nail polishes look really gooood *&*

  3. I've tried some.
    Eyeshadows aren't very pigmented D;
    Not really digging the glitters in my Cheeky Cherry lip gloss, but I just love the smell!
    I got one of the make up 'books', it's pretty good :)
    The blue pastel polish was fail, loved the colour, application was so streaky <//3
    The Magic liner was didn't really give a pigmented line and I swear it isn't waterproof...
    Glitter liner was awesome, sadly I don't think I would use it much xD
    Overall...the stuff smells great!!!

  4. my friend gave me a eyebrow pencil from eyeko and it's pretty good :D

    although now i'm tempted to buy the nailpolishes!

  5. i've never tried Eyeko products but the nail polish looks like something worth purchasing. :)

  6. one coat!??? that's amazing o.O!!
    great review x

  7. I forgot all about Eyeko! These nail poishes are so charming...especially, of course, the Posh Polish. And such terrific packaging, which is often what influences my purchase more than I'd like to admit.

  8. where in superdrugs do we get eyeko never seen that before

  9. I'm an EYEKO ambassador. I have tried some products.. I love their eyeko mascara. Does not smudge or come off all day. I always wanted to try their polishes too. Esp the vintage ones.

  10. I tried the Black Graffiti Eyeliner Pen and your totally right, when trying to remove it, it is hard to remove >.<

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  12. If you spend over £15 on their website you can get a free gift just by using the CODE: E15069 xx


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