22 May 2010

50 things...

Iv seen the post '100 things' go around blogger. This is my poor contribution, I cut out 50 because 100 is so longggggg >_<>
Basically its 50 random things.....

But anyhoo, here it goes...

1. Im still in my PJs
2. trying to do my work
3. Trying to put it off by writing this
4. Sun is shining, Im jealous of the people outside =(
5. My birth name is Suzanne
6. I just answered some FormSpring Questions =)
7. Im horrified at the thought of growing old
8. Im trying to type as fast as I can
9. Listening to Mario Winans - I dont wanna know
10. I love oldskool RnB and Hip Hop
11. They don't make music like that anymore!
12. Worrying about life
13. I want a dog
14. I have so many regrets, but hey you live and learn
15. Its a no make-up day today
16. Gosh the sun is really shining!
17. Im hungry
18. I had muesli at 11am
19. Its now 4.08pm
20. Planning a blog comp *yay*
21. People judge me
22. Alot
23. Once they know me they take their words back =)
24. I love my bf.
25. He is the only person who never judges me
26. I panic alot
27. Im a tidy freak, everything has its place
28. I want to travel the world
29. First I need money
30. Im now listening to P.diddy and Usher - I need a Girl
31. I feel like dancing
32. My dream has always to become a dancer
33. Im too old now
34. I graduate on the 29th June! =D
35. I never got good grades until college when I specialized in Fashion Design
36. Im really quiet and calm in person
37. Iv had 3 hamsters before, harry, fluffy and nibblez.
38. They all died of old age =(
39. I wish I had more time to make videos
40. There fun
41. But very time consuming
42. I cry alot
43. Im a Leo, I can be rather bossy at times
44. I just know what I want =p
45. I feel extremely lucky to have subbies/readers
46. I wish I was taller, 5ft6 to be precise
47. This seems to be taking forever lol
48. Dont Worry Be Happy
49. Now listening to P.diddy/R Kelly - Satisfy You
50. Thats all! If you reached this far, well done!!! =p


I tag you! =)


  1. lol!! 50 definitely better read than 100 == gosh 100... I'll do one soon hehehe... Ah, Fashion Design <3 and I want to travel the world too!! hehe and I'm hungry too but it's almost 3am in the morning and I should actually be sleeping instead!!! ohoho

  2. It would mean the world to me if you followed!

  3. it sounded like fun when you typed it haha, your life seems like it's going well. congrats on specializing in fashion design, it seems so hard!

    check out my blog sometime =)


  4. hie Suzi,
    i've been watching your youtube videos for awhile now...you seem like a lovely personality from what i can see. Being beautiful on the outside too, is an added bonus;)
    its pretty hard to dispel the thought of being judged. we know, we shouldn't mind the haters. but we are all fragile on the inside..~~
    it seems you have found a brilliant match as your significant other...:)
    anyway, Congratulations on graduating really soon!! xx


  5. a lots of poeple always judge others, and yet it hurt even ppl just said you don't have to care about it.
    I really like your styles/make up, I been follow you from youtube and now blog as well... I adore you ^^...
    Congrad to you for graduationa, mine is 1 year to go, woo ..

  6. i like how you put all your random facts in a "stream of consciousness" style X]
    love your videos and yay for graduation :D

  7. Really don't need to care about those who judge you. You are awesome for a lot more other people and your bf as you said. That's great enough, isn't it?

  8. Where are you studying fashion design? I'd love to see your graduate collection!

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