25 April 2010

Review: cutesexythings.com

First of all, hope your all having a lovely weekend. The sun is shining but I decided to have a lazy Sunday, A day to relax, pamper myself and of course, write a few long awaited posts.

A while ago the lovely Beverly from cutesexythings sent me a couple of items to review. She sent me a bag and a couple of jewelry items.

First up is this bag:

I will start with the packaging. It was packaged well, in tissue paper, then a further dustbag which is great, the downfall to many bags is when they don't come with a dustbag. secondly the price, this bag is inexpensive and affordable, its also a style which will never date. A great accessory to quickly update any outfit.

The quality is fantastic! a great weaved leather imitation fabric, nicely finished and a good sturdy feel to the bag. Its also slightly but not overly heavy due to the chain detail and strap. The inside also has a zip pocket and a mobile phone holder which is convenient.

Onto the two pieces of jewelry:

A VERY oversized ring, clusters of pearls and gold beads. This was slightly too big for my liking but it is a pretty unique ring. those who love oversized huge rings will LOVE this!

Also a necklace, a mix of a four leaf clover and a hello kitty head with tiny rhinestones on. The quality of this necklace however is poor in comparison to the ring and the handbag, but then again these pieces are very inexpensive so I can't expect top notch quality.

Final Verdict: I LOVE the bag, Its the perfect size to be used as an evening bag. I would say check out the bags, they have great styles and like I said, the quality is fantastic. However I would give the jewelry a miss.



  1. Aww I love the oversized ring! xD Is it heavy?

  2. those are some cute accessories! plus thats one huge ring :O

  3. wow soo cute, love the bag!!

  4. Oooo love the big ring!! =) x

  5. Not a fan of any of the stuff im afraid!

    They just dont seem classy enough which is what I think of your personal style :)


  6. woah that ring is definitely huge. very cute for those that like costume jewelery!


  7. nice bag!! but u gotta change the title cuz i went to CUTEANDSEXY.COM and it's sorta like a porn site. LOL!!

  8. cuteandsexy.com takes me to a porn site @_@

  9. ^ LOL.

    I love the oversize ring! Loooks so pretty, but I'm scared it might be too heavy for me hehe :)


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