13 April 2010

illamasqua Body Electrics Package

This morning, deep in my sleep I was woken up by the postman =_= although secretly I become excited because it means another package!

It was Illamasqua, I feel extremely lucky to be sent some new products from the Body Electrics range to try out. Illamasqua is a flamboyant makeup brand, encouraging us all to push the boundaries and this collection is no different.

The team behind the brand are extremely nice and thoughtful, unlike many other cosmetic brands, whether its an email or a visit to the counter, the experience is always refreshing.

So onto the goods, Illamasqua being thoughtful again, the goods came in a black sturdy box with a ribbon tie, I opened up to find this...

Posters, leaflets and cards, explaining the brand, along with a product booklet

I was sent: Nail Varnish in Prism, Illumine Oil in Pulse, Liquid Metal 4 Palette 01

First up is the metal palette, each liquid metal is amazingly rich and highly pigmented, They can be used on the eyes, face and body. I imagine I will be using these mostly on the eyes, but also sparingly on the lips to create a tonal effect.

Next up is the oil, Im not a big fan of oil, especially in the summer as I hate that sticky icky feeling. My first reaction was GLITTER OVERLOAD!

but when swatched, surprisingly the glitter particles are fairly small and once blended, hardly noticeable. It leaves a really nice glow to the skin with a silky finish. I imagine tan addicts will be all over this but unfortunately Im pale and the bronze tint didn't look too nice on my skin tone. Its a great innovative product but sadly not for me.

Finally is the Nail Varnish

This is Prism, described as Iridescent Blue. It has a really nice pearl quality to it and I managed to slightly catch the flip tone under the sunlight..

No doubt will I be using this alot, alone AND on top of other colours =)

Have you tried anything from this collection? do you like this collection?


  1. this brand looks very nice looking forward to a tutorial or review :D

  2. They look stunning! Your very lucky you get sent them! Love the look of that pallet and polish! xoxo

  3. The packaging is beautiful but I'm also on the same boat as u.. not much a fan of oil. It looks very sticky. I hope you will do a tutorial soon =)

  4. wow, so nice of them to sent you those products! The Prism nail varnish looks gorgeous!

  5. Hey Suzi, do the liquid metals in the palette crease?
    love what they sent to you!

  6. Oh you got the best stuff from the collection. I got the same palette and body oil as you. Happy days!

  7. All 3 products look gorgeous!

  8. The way they are packaged is lovely, really thoughtful.

    I love those liquid metals, I'll have to get my hands on some.

  9. 時間的銳齒能吃盡一切,唯獨對真理無能為力。 ..................................................

  10. the nail varnish looks SO gorgeous!! <3

  11. Just passing by ;) Lovely blog xo

  12. Wow! Love the metal palette. You should do a make up tutorial on it :)




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