11 April 2010


First of all, a picture without flash, all in natural glory, well.. minus the slap =p


Elisha Coy BB Cream
Benefit Boing concealer
Rimmel Stay Matte powder
MAC Contouring Sculpt Powder
Prestige Bronzing baked powder


MAC Painterly Paint Pot
MAC Shroom innerhalf of eye
MAC Cork outer half of eye and lower lash line
MAC Tempting run lightly over and under the eye
MAC smoulder eye pencil smudged out with MAC Carbon
Contouring powder for eyebrows
Girls attitude falsies
Clinique high impact mascara


Rimmel Nude Delight lippy
Revlon Pink Crystals Lipgloss on top

and onto the rest of the photos where the flash heavily interfered >_<



  1. so pretty!
    http://lettyho.blogspot.com xx

  2. you're so beautiful :)

  3. Aw thanks girlies *big Hug* ^_*

  4. lovely look =D. Those falsies look so good on you =D. I gotta try get my falsies work! Any tips?

    ♥ Rica

  5. Stunning as always! Do you ever look anything other than super polished and glam? :P


  6. oooh those lashes look lovely! a bit like mac's no. 1, but prettier i think?

  7. waaaaah suzi, you're so beautiful.. :)

  8. your hair is so gorgeous! what do you use to keep it that way?


  9. i love ur hair! im assuming your natural hair colour is much darker. i feel like gettin the same colour as urs. ive always had jet black hair and am too scared to experiment!

  10. You are sooo gorgeous... you suit that hair colour really well >O< and love your make up!

  11. you are beautiful Suzi♡ love your hair too! x

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  13. Hi! May i know which shade of the rimmel stay matte powder do you use? Thanks! x


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