26 April 2010

2010 so far....

Hey guys, hope you all had a great weekend. I certainly did, lots of food, sleep and shopping! =D

This is just gonna be a quick update, not specifically beauty or fashion related but just a bit about what I have been upto and so on..

Well to start, 2010 has been a great year so far! Most things have ran smoothly (touches wood). Well.. apart from having swine flu boohoo...

I have been so busy with uni work lately that I slightly neglected my blog and Youtube channel. Last week was my hand in so significantly my posts and videos have picked up a moderate pace again and hopefully this will continue since the craziest and most busy part of uni is over with. I have one more project to do then I am DONE! (big smile).


The happiness always comes with the sadness, the sadness is that I will now have to find a job in a hope to stay in London. Not forgetting, no more student discount! (damn it!) Uni has been the best 4 years of my life, meeting new people, growing up, becoming independent and most importantly, I 'found' myself. If I could turn the clock back 4 years Im not sure I would still pick the same course, but I did and I must now pursue this path. Life's all about looking forward right? never look back.

A lot of people has asked me what course Im doing and what job I am looking for after graduation. My course is a Fashion Design course which is pretty diverse. We learn all different aspects of the fashion industry and do placements/internships. The course can lead to many fashion jobs including design, styling, promotion, merchandising, buying and so on but the competition is tough, very tough!

Ok enough about uni...

Another thing that has lifted my spirits this year is all my subscribers/readers! I receive some of the sweetest emails and messages, I must admit, a couple brought tears to my eyes. Its great knowing that what I put out there is actually helping people, which was my objective. =)

Im hoping 2010 will be THE year, goals:

I graduate
I find a job
I (hopefully) past my driving test (about time!)
I turn 24 (sniff sniff)
I spring clean my friends, people around me and my life. I don't need people who intend to make me feel crap
I join a gym!! (finally)
I buy a pet!
Get a full body health check (Im a weakling, ill for 150 days of the year)

ermm yeh, Im happy with all of that =) This year has gone SUPER quick, like a flash! we are already at the end of April?! crazy.

How is your year going so far? I hope everyones year is running smoothly, filled with health and happiness! xx



  1. I hope you have a good year as well because it is sounding great atm.
    Good luck with all your goals ^^ especially finding a job to stay in London!!! ^^

  2. I hope everything goes to plan for you :)

    Im afraid my 2010 hasnt been blessed with good health at all :/ But like you said I need to move forward so im working on it and trying to stay positive!

    M xo

  3. I agree this year has flown by! Good luck graduating and finding a job! I like your positive to-do list Suzi! Good to see!
    Lil xx

  4. congratulations on ur success
    graduation and finding a job is like ur stepping into a new life right? all the best for u :]
    hope i keep my head straight long enough on studies and get to do the same next year too ^^

  5. I'm still to sit my Higher exams in 2 weeks, then go on holiday for about 7 weeks ;o This year coming will be my last year in school before i'm off to uni (hopefully)! Hopefully i'll get to do a course on fashion journalism. good luck for 2010 :)

  6. Congrats on graduating!! I'll wishing you for the best for your future plans! :D
    Good luck on finding a job! <3

  7. your list seems like its full of great goals to achieve! ( : good luck on them all!!

  8. hey suzi, it's the perfect time to see this post from you as I just finished university and just moved home a few hours ago.. I haven't found a job yet and I guess that's where all the pressure is coming from :S I wish us the best luck in the future!

  9. congratulations on graduating :D I'm actually finishing college myself too ^^ GOOD LUCK! and I'm sure you'll do great in whatever you choose to do after graduation ^^

  10. Food, sleep and shopping are quite the trifecta. Personally, I would also work in some creative brooding in order to find just the right balance. It does work for me!

  11. aw so good to hear that your enjoying yourself this year, you've inspired me so much to take up fashion/beauty related things!

  12. its really good to work out list like that, i havent done that which is why i'm kinda missing something in life i guess..

    so far my year works well, need more hard work to make it better!!

  13. You will be 24 years YOUNG!! ^^
    And good luck in the job hunting!!
    You inspired me to try my best and think positively about the fashion design course in london <3 thank you~

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