28 March 2010

Sunday Haul

Its been a while since I went shopping, I have been popping into shops when passing by lately but today I decided I wanted to actually go shopping, not just pass by the odd one shop.

I have been extremely busy lately and its taking its toll, my skin has suffered, my diet is poor, my sleep patterns are all over the place and my room is generally a mess due to my work being all over the floor. It was good to forget about everything today and just relax and take my time strolling through the shops.

I realize that when Im not meaning to shop, I will see things I like but when Im in the mood for shopping, I rarely see things I want =_=

Alot of readers/subs have been asking why I don't do haul videos on Youtube, there is a reason. I find that haul videos come with the tag 'bragging'. I decided to post hauls on my blog so that every who reads it, is actually interested in fashion, make-up, hair etc. Not just some randomer stumbling upon my video =)

But anyways back to the goods, I still managed to buy some things today, just sharing it with you all =)

Top from Whistles - pretty ruffle detail and interesting seam lines

Oversized lightweight knit from Whistles - This has really great detail, the different textures in fabric such as wool, silk and chiffon makes it super comfy against the body, the cutting is also really flattering.

Falsies from Superdrug, I haven't tried these before but they look really pretty, FOTD I hear =)

Run out of my Clinique so bought the liquid facial soap and a small tube of the moisturizing gel, Since going back to Clinique about a week ago, my skin is rapidly recovering. Yes the liquid soap is half empty, Iv already put half in another bottle so I can leave it at my bf's =)

It was also bonus time at boots, I got this sweet little gift for free, Clinique are always so generous! Great for traveling ...

Inside was small sizes of the moisturizing lotion, rinse off foaming cleanser, high impact mascara, lipgloss, 2 mini brushes and a blush/eyeshadow compact.

Hope your all having a great Sunday, Iv had such a relaxing day but back to work now, important presentation tomorrow! >_<



  1. love the 2 shirts! i just got a clinique gwp too but mine was completely different. Funny how they change it from country to country.


  2. Our clinique counter is giving slightly different GWP's. Nice haul, I really like the second piece. (:

  3. Hi, this is totally random. I was wondering if you're a fashion merchandising student? Because I really want to go into fashion merchandising, but i don't know if that's really me.

  4. wow like the tops :) x

  5. love the haul! good luck with your presentation.. =)


  6. love ur haul! the shirts are soo pretty.. definitely lovin' the different textures and details!

  7. The shirts are really nice!
    You have really nice style ^^

  8. I keep meaning to try Clinique, I hear so many positive things about it.

  9. I promised my self i would stop at there counter real soon. I think ur free gift just convinced me. thankz!

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