13 March 2010

Review: Make Up Forever HD Foundation

A long awaited post! I finally have decided to review this foundation. A HG product with many people, just sharing my opinion on it =)

Here it is in its bottle,I received this for christmas. I used it a couple of times then left it, this product has been raved so much that I was expecting miracles. In my opinion it failed to live upto my expectations back then. I think I was just expecting instant flawless skin!

Last week I decided to use it, my skin has been getting rather dry lately and my usual HG foundation, Revlon colourstay was beginning to look heavy on me. Afterall I didn't want to waste this product as it is pretty pricey.

I use shade 117 Marble. The shade is described as: 'for light skin with yellow undertones'. Here it is swatched in natural daylight:

As you can see, the undertones are rather yellow, I like how this foundation comes in array of shades, I find it rather difficult finding shades to suit me. I find alot of brands in the UK are rather pink undertoned.

Here it is blended in, the consistency is smooth and blends fairly easily, I much prefer this formula and blend-ability in comparison to Revlons. Again this is in natural daylight.. Im beginning to fall in love with this foundation, but one thing really bugs me. Have you noticed how dull it looks? I find that I HAVE to contour and highlight when using this or else my overall complexion looks less than healthy, but having said that its no big deal.

I have been wearing this for the past week non stop and the longevity is great. I apply it with a MAC 187 then pressed it into my skin with a latex free sponge.

Take for example yesterday, I applied it at 8am, ran for my train and commuted for 2 hours. Then came the dentists where my mouth area got totally drenched in water when the dentist was cleaning my teeth, throw in a few small splashes of water all over my face too! I then went shopping in the busy bustling central london with a friend and again, ran for my train on the way home at 100mph, got home and played mahjong til around 11pm and guess what, the foundation still looked the same as it did at 8am!! that sure is long lasting! I do use the Laura Mercier foundation primer and in no doubt that would of played a small part in the longevity but overall I am so impressed!

When it comes to photography I find it doesn't really make much of a difference on me, but that might just be me =/

Here it is swatched next to my HG foundation: Revlon on the left, MUFE on the right..

The undertones are completely different. The MUFE is much more yellow based which I prefer and it is overall a better match for my skin. It feels ALOT lighter when worn compared to the Revlon which is something I need for the spring/summer season.

The coverage is also comparable, medium but build-able. I have a feeling this will be replacing the special place Revlon has in my heart.

Reference: my usual Revlon shade is 150 Buff..

Have you tried this, do you love it? hate it? or just like it?


  1. WOOWW that foundation looks awesome nd i totally agree with you that the Mufe one is kinda yellow based so it looks natural...
    I´d love to try that foundation out but idk where i could buy it....

  2. Nice review :)

    I find the Revlon foundation quite heavy, so this sounds like a better and lighter alternative.


  3. wow that IS quite long lasting foundation! Thanks for the review :)

  4. i have this and also use #117. =) i also use 150 buff but i do agree that buff feels so pink toned compared to the MUFE one! i never noticed it that much until i started using the MUFE. i love the MUFE HD fdtn and i don't understand why so many people dislike it! this fdtn gets alot of love and hate. >.< you should really try out Giorgio Armani luminous silk foundation. it feels light but offers medium coverage and leaves my skin looking flawless and smooth. =)

  5. thank you for the review! the thing that puts me off is the price of it. but is it available in the uk?

  6. I have this foundation im a 177. I dont know whether its the fact that my skins dark and im not applying it correctly or that my skin is on the oily side but at the end of the day my skin looks really blotchy. I used to have a smashbox primer that i would use underneath it but i think that made it worse. I also have the HD Powder which i ALWAYS use but i havent used my HD foundation in months because I got it matched in the summer & now my skins too light to use it so i guess i'll have to wait. =)

  7. i really wanna try it out:) do they sale makeupforver in the uk? x

  8. I want to try this. I don't have any foundations currently, I just use BB creams. But this seems like a great item to look into. :P

  9. i recently got a sample and love this foundation too! it's great at staying put. but it's easy to over apply and look cakey, the key was definitely keeping a light hand while stippling.

  10. hmmm what about revlon photo ready foundation? have you tried it yet??

  11. I just bought this in a 115 because it is the foundation that was put on me for my wedding, and I LOVED how it made me look in the pictures.

  12. Hi! I'm a new follower! I found your blog through your youtube.

    I have the MUFE HD as well but I'm not a huge fan. I find that it moves around A LOT and maybe I'm just not setting it properly :( I will have to give it another shot I suppose but it looks great on your hand.

    xo alittlereverie.blogspot.com

  13. Gonna give it a try when I finish my Nars Sheer Glow! Thank you for the review dear xoxo

  14. I love my HD Foundation I feel the same about no difference in pics...but i love the finish it gives you and i am the same shade :)

  15. I have tried a sample, but didn't have it on the face for long to see if my oily skin would react to it, but was looking up reviews on it lately to see whether to get a full size because of the rave about it. But I love me my Revlon f/d

  16. I do love this foundation! :) I thought revlon made yellow ones though too?

  17. where can you get this foundation in UK??

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  19. I just bought this product. But the sales rep i 1st met not good, she didn't recommend a correct shade for me, which make my skin looks darker. My skin tone should use either #118 or #120, but she gave me #123. End up i need to buy other product to compliment with it, ie. MUFE HD primer in purple to brighten up my skin before apply the wrong shade foundation which i don't want to waste it. Besides the wrong shade, i like the texture & coverage for this foundation. Is light weight, and so sheer that i can see my nose bridge clearly. Although high coverage, but it still makes my skin looks translucent. Overall, i like it!


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