26 March 2010

Online Haul

Im kicking off the weekend with a small online haul I did. Iv recently been VERY good and have only been purchasing things I need. I didn't purchase any of the new MAC collections apart from the two viva Gaga and Cyndi lipsticks but that doesn't really count, it was for a good cause! ^_*

So here is what I ordered a few weeks ago:

I ordered the shiseido perfect oil and dollywink eyelash case from alphabeauty on ebay. The essential honey and shea butter hair mask was also from ebay but I can't find the seller anymore =(

Here is the hair mask, it came within a week and this was from Japan. Im super impressed with the delivery for a start. I have seen this product on a variety of blogs, all with positive reviews so I decided to try it. It was about £16 and that was including delivery.

I have been using this for two weeks now, so far so good. I apply this twice a week to my hair, leave it on for 5 minutes before washing it off. The product itself smells delish! Almost abit too strong but not unbearable. On application you can immediately feel the difference, but im not sure if that just my mentality! =p The consistency is pretty thick so only a tiny amount is needed.

After blow drying my hair it is noticeably softer and more supple with a lingering smell of honey. *thumbs up*

Next is this Shiseido Perfect oil:

My MAC cleansing oil has just finished and this cam just in time, although delivery did take just over two weeks! I have tried the perfect milk from this range and although its great I much prefer oil formula's for removing makeup, Im hooked on cleansing oil, it has become a staple.
This was pretty inexpensive coming in at about £8 with delivery. I have yet to open this.

Finally the Dollywink eyelash case from the Tsubasa for Koji range..

How cute is it?! I knew I had to have this as soon as I saw it, I considered ordering the lashes but I find them too pricey for what they are, I wear falsies nearly every time I go out so I don't really want to be spending great amounts of money on them, although I will admit that I am in love with the packaging of the whole range! The japanese sure do know how to attract their target market!

If I am being totally honest, I was disappointed. Yes it looks pretty cute and all but its just so flimsy and the quality is pretty cheap! I know I only paid about £6 for it but it really is poor. I was expecting better quality, It reminds me of the plastic lunch boxes you get from the dollar store. My usual Muji case I use is only £2 and its FAR better quality than this, despite this I will still use it.

This is what it looks like inside, the eyelashes were my own, it did not come with the product. Hopefully this will give you an idea about the size of it.

Ciao for now, off back to finish my essayyyyy ='(

Have a great weekend everyone! ^_*


  1. aww the dollywink case is really cute! haha
    Good luck with your essay ^^

  2. I've heard good reviews on the hair mask too! ^____^

    and btw...the case is so cute!!


  3. haha i said the same thing when i ordered the Viva Glam Gaga Lipstick..its for a good cause. I really want to try hair mask. my hair needs it!

  4. wow love your stuff so much >"< I ordered sth frm yesstyle and it took forever to come here >"<

  5. Good luck with your essay dear <3

  6. ive been only buying things that i need too! ;p and sorry to hear about the quality of the dollywink eyelash case... it is very cute though!!

  7. something that I really like about Japanese products is the packaging!:D

  8. thank you for the review! i think i will try the hair mask :>

  9. yup the mask is good! I used the pink one though as I heard that the orange is more nourishing. no heavy weight post usage which other hair masks always gives me. :)

  10. Nice haul =) The eyelash case is sooo cute >.<


  11. i've tried the hair mask before too. It's really good! hope you'll like the results.. =)


  12. What brand and model are the lashes dolly wink container?

  13. Hey Suzi, just was browsing eBay, and found this.

    Was this the seller you brought from? Just was wondering, I want to make sure the seller is legit :)

  14. The case is so big :oo
    I though it was smaller XD
    Thanks for showing <3

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