20 March 2010


Just a quick link I want to share with you all...

I have been surrounded by negative people all my life, telling me I'm ugly, Im fat, Im useless and so on...

Many around me making sly digs at me, trying to make me feel guilty, frowns when something is going good for me but smiles when Im in trouble.

It wasn't until I 'found' myself that I realized that I wasn't the problem, the problem is them, its a reflection of what type of person they are. I despise people who strive on negativity, making people feel crap so that in return they can hopefully feel a little bit better.

The link is something I read over and over again and it helps me lead a positive, happy life. It really sums up negative people and there motives. =)



  1. it's really sad when people that to another person. I'm glad that the link helped you lead a positive life ^_______^

  2. Thanks for this post Suzi! I'm going to look around the website. I suffer from severe depression so everything around me gets to me really easily. I think I need tips on staying strong!

  3. Hey Suzi, its Natalie C from your uni class! I started a blog not long ago after wanting for ages, its a slow start lol. Its hard to believe theres people who want to make you feel like that, definately forget the negativity..positive thinking is the way forward! :) xxx

  4. Don't worry you are not fat, ugly and all this negative things they said to you.
    They're jalous !
    By the way I love your videos and don't think it is useless ^^
    See youu <3

  5. Aw suzi, i cant believe anyone would ever say things like that to you, it makes me sad. Its funny that you have posted this as right at the moment there is someone absolutely draining me in my class and that was a good reminder to just keep ignoring them and not get sucked in! xx

  6. hun...dun worry,they are just jealous about your beauty and your talent..ignore them!! they are just green eyes monster :)

  7. How could anybody say that about you hun? I'm sorry that it happened but it's great that you found yourself and are positive. xo

  8. I could NEVER imagine someone telling you that you're ugly. You're clearly beautiful!! I love your vids because you seem confident and you know how to take compliments. =)

  9. Don't let that get to you Suzi. Maybe their just to jealous of you and so making you feel low will only make them feel better about themselves. I'm sure you're a beautiful person inside and out. Tell yourself this 'sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me'. *BIG hug*! ^_^

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  11. i know exactly how you feel... when i was little in Philippines, my neighbors, playmates used to tease me that I am ugly,chubby/fat (I've never been skinny like those typical asians and I used have chubby chicks), and they used to call me " I am adopted" because I look way different from my siblings.. For that reason, I used to get in big trouble all the time, even at school. I was insure for a really long time.I used to hate how I look but I recently love how I look like my chicks, small nose, and my eyes. Oh ya, When I asked my mom on day why they are being mean to me... and you know what she said " they are just jealous of you, Don't believe them because you have it better than them". SO ya, Haters do that to you because they are just jealous.They will try to put down to make them secure for themself.

  12. thanks for the link.... i am going to bookmark it....I still don't know how to deal with negativity.

  13. Girl, You are beautiful. though us Youtube and Blog followers might not know you that well. we can tell you have a good heart. don't let others get you down. stay strong. we're here for you also.

  14. Yes, be your self as always hun!!! We all love u xoxo

  15. Thanks for sharing the link with us! will check it out. as with other comments, i can't believe ANYONE saying you're anything but beautiful! Hard to believe! But some people are just plain miserable aren't they? I look forward to more posts for you! :)

  16. your not fat, your gorgeous! those people are just jealous of u! <3

    thank you for the link :) ill have to read it

  17. Thanks for the link, I'll be sure to check it out :)
    I totally understand what you been btw- those people who shut you down when you're happy and get excited when something bad happens. Let them wallow in their bitchiness and ignore the things they say, it's just gonna go back to them someday.

  18. Don't let them get you down! On the other hand, maybe they are feeling self-conscious themselves, and could use support as well.


  19. Hey!
    i think you are wonderful!
    i know coming from a stranger its weird but if i can see this from just your blog then imagine how wonderful you are in person

    keep up the good work gurl!

  20. i always read what you write here in your blog, im always checking your you tube channel. I dont know when i became your fan..but im am one for sure!
    I love your personality , you are a sweet girl,with a very cool style and have great hair (lol)! o/
    sorry my english is not 100% but i think you can understand me a little bit. What im trying to say, is that a lot of people think you are great! Dont let anyone tell you that you are not cool or beautiful, because you are! they sux! they are jealous! <3 think positive and pay attention only in yourself and in people that you like!

    kisses from Brazil =)
    Plu Moon

  21. dont let anything get you down,
    you're beautiful, super cute and a wonderful person!!
    compare the thousands of positive, encouraging comments you get on youtube, facebook, your blog, etc... vs those stupid comments those jealous people tell you =]
    obviously it's clear who's right, right? ^^
    i hope you feel tons better =[ don't let anything get you down, you gorgeous princess!!

  22. No one is ugly!! some ppl are just bully so they can make themselves feel better!
    there is no ugly girls, only lazy girls!

  23. Hey Suzi thanks for sharing the link :) it's a great article. you know if ppl are just giving you un-nice comments that are not constructive... then why bother to listen? :) for example... "you're fat"--> whatever!, "maybe you should work out to be more fit" --> yes I'll consider it. lol. But seriously I can't imagine ppl saying that to you... just keep your head up and remember eventhough there are a lot of ppl who're trying to drag you down, there are also a lot of ppl supporting you :)


  24. I've seen the mask around too, on a few blogs.
    Im always looking for the next hair treatment, never happy with it :) Damn, mixed race, relaxed hair :S
    Deffo be trying, see if anything makes a difference to my hair :) x


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  27. Hi Suzi, thanks for sharing the link :)
    i know how u feel about being surrounded by negative people. Here i am trying to become a better, more positive person, but I hate it when those people (surprisingly they're supposed to be your friends...) put you down. When i was younger, i was so upset and confused. But just like you I realized I wasn't the problem and I can definitely walk away from it. so now its more like: GET OUT OF MY WAY! I'M GONNA DO GREAT THINGS! ^^

  28. Sometimes, the problem with being beautiful is that others feel insecure and try to put you down to feel better about themselves. I thought you were those Japanese models when I saw your photo only to realize its not a stock photo but you in real life. Keep living a beautiful live!

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