14 March 2010

FOTD / New way to carry my makeup

If you follow me on twitter then you will know that on Friday I went shopping..

Walking along carnaby st I visited the Anna Lou shop, Anna Lou is famous for her funky perspex jewelry, very similar to the style of Tatty Divine but alot more kitsch! Iv had my eye on this baby for a long time and during the sales at the beginning of the year it was sold out. Anna Lou also has a very cute line of wallets, bags, camera cases etc...

I guess Friday was my lucky day as I walked in and saw this!

Its so pretty and comes in various colours. This one was my fave! =) The best thing was that it was still at sale price, reduced from £25 to £13 which I think is a bargain! It really is so pretty compared to other cosmetic bags I have come across.

Its pretty spacious inside too, here is my stash that I carry when Im travelling and my old makeup bag was always bulging making it hard to navigate inside. This opens up so I can see everything at once and the best part is that its still only half full! I am one happy bunny this weekend =)

Onto my FOTD. Todays weather was great, sun was shining and not a cloud in sight, It was a very casual Mothers Day Sunday as my mum is currently in Hong Kong, so I decided to go for a very light purple eye, smoking it out at the lashline.


Mac studio finish concealer NC20
MUFE HD foundation 117
DIOR Skinflash pen 02
Mac pressed blot powder - light
Mac scuplt powder - sculpt
Sleek contour kit (only the highlighter) - light
Benefit Coralista blush


Maybelline eyestudio diamond quad - purple drama
MAC Carbon
Loreal infallable eyeliner
Eyelure falsies
Shieseido Majolica Majorca mascara



Hope you all had a great weekend and a great mothers day =)


  1. omg I haven't seen a cute make-up bag in ages!!! and love the purple eyeshadow~

  2. Love this little make-up bag-was going to get one myself at LFW :) xxx

  3. I love Anna Lou!!
    Cute eye make up too ^^

  4. cute makeup bag and look love it :)


  5. i love that make-up bag! i want one! xxx

  6. awww .. cute makeup bag and love the look ^_^

  7. aww that's adorable ! i love it, so jealous~
    p.s. you're gorgeous ;)

  8. OMG that makeup pouch is sooo adorable. hahah
    its very unique~

  9. What a great deal! I need cuter makeup bags in my life. lol

    xo, Diana

  10. The makeup bag is adorable!! I love the bow on the top! It's so cute.
    You look pretty. I really like the lashes you used. How is that Shieseido Majolica Majorca mascara? Do you like it a lot?

  11. oooh what a pretty pouch! :) i love your whole look it really suits you, and your lashes look gorge! :)

  12. What a cute makeup bag!! I love it!

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  15. can you please do a tutorial on this look using Maybelline eyestudio diamond quad - purple drama. I really like the color and I want to see how u apply them.
    Thank you

  16. Great bag for taking my make up kit to anywhere i would like to try this
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