2 March 2010

Camera details


OK so this is a post related to my last post, I have decided to sell my camera. This is purely because I wan't to upgrade to a higher spec one for my work. I have had many emails asking me price, detail etc and I do apologize, my last post was very brief...

So here are the details:

Samsung ES55 Black - 10.2 megapixels
Bought for £99 about 4/5 months ago?
Great Condition - comes in box with all wires, CDs, manuals...
Comes WITH the deco on it, please refer to my hime camera video... It cost me just over £20 to deco it.
Price: £70 GBP this includes insured posting too...

If certain that you want to buy it than email me at suzit86@hotmail.co.uk

Thats it!!!




  1. Awh i'd love this if I could afford it :( x


  2. Have you still got this? And how far do you ship?

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