17 February 2010


Hi all! ^^

Just a quick update letting you all know what's been going on in my life...

If you follow me on twitter or fb then you may well be aware that I am in my final year of study! yay! Another 3 more months to go and I will be graduating! =) For the next week or so I will be MIA just to really concentrate on my work.

I hope you all had a great Valentines day and Chinese New Year ^^

Im also back on Project 10 pan, this time I will be sticking to it! I have already emptied out two products:

Clinique dramtically diffrent lotion and Laura Mercier secret brightening powder (Clap hands)

Here is the evidence ^^

I am almost out of my concealer and baby pink lipgloss too so I guess its going pretty well.

Another thing I wanted to let you all know is that I changed my skincare routine... for the past month I have been breaking out by crazy, so last week I resorted to a brand that I have previously used and is great for problematic skin, Dermalogica. I purchased a whole set and just after one night I instantly noticed the difference! but a full review will be done later =)

Within the next couple of weeks I will be doing giveaways, blog sales and competitions, I really need to get rid of stuff that is being unloved. Keep an eye out for that ^_*

Until my next post I will speak to you all soon... maybe a surprise YT vid? who knows ^_*

Love you alllllllll ! xx


  1. ohhh suzi gonna miss you!!! be sure to pop by and do vids and post if u got free time yah..would love to see u in my fb..congrats in graduating,i'm sure u will have good prospect in fashion line..*hugs and kisses* summer will miss u lots

  2. Can't wait for your blog sale! I wonder what brand you switched to... hmmm. lol!

  3. Congratulations on graduating!! Project 10 pan seems to be going around everywhere and it's a good feeling when you finish a product ;)

  4. Yaay a giveaway AND a blog sale! Can't wait. :)

  5. hey just came across your blog. and im loving it! i am following!! ( : thanks for keeping us posted! i just recently started my own blog, check it out if u get the chance! ^^


  6. Good luck with the studies!
    x, fashionnerdic

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