4 February 2010

IMATS London 2010

So here is my IMATS post... finally...

I decided to do a post on it instead if a video, Im sure you've all seen tons of videos now and quite frank, probably sick of them. Here is a post where I can get straight to the point without rambling too much =)

As you all may well know, it was held in Alexandra palace. First thing I would like to mention is the bad location area, It wasn't in central London which is probably fine because the tube took us straight to the station, but once we got out the tube we where in the middle of no where and another bus was required to actually get there, not walking distance...

Once we arrived (far too early) we collected our tickets, which was £38 which is way overpriced in my opinion, entry to London fashion weekend is £40 but that includes entry to discounted clothing, a catwalk show and a jam packed goodie bag!

We then got inside and had a wander around. There was some great deals on offer... 35% off MUFE and nearly half price illamasqua.

I then started snapping away... (click on images to enlarge)

I attended one of the seminars about highlighting and contouring which was very interesting, I could actually say I learnt something...
She was very straight forward in picking out faults on a face and talking about how to correct them with shadows and highlights. Some of the images she showed us was amazing! ooo and arrrs could be heard amongst the listeners..

But this meant I missed the students competition show and also Enkore's talk about naked pigments, they all overlapped each others time slots =/

Anyways finally onto the haul... which isn't much!

Beforehand I took out cash, expecting to spend it all but I actually spend very little >_<
We went on a Sunday so ALOT of things had sold out! I couldn't get my hands on the OCC liptars I had been eyeing up =_=

The illamasqua counter was uber busy, waiting to swatch and look at things and once at the front there was pushing and shoving from the people behind who wanted to get to the front... annoying. Away from the negatives everything else was lovely, the illamasqua staff was the friendliest of all stands and really took their time with you. Extremely friendly and not pushy in selling like some of the other stalls.

Here is what I came away with...
MUFE Lash Fibers
illamasuqa Bronzing duo
Crown small flat top bronzing brush
Pencil smudger brush
Slanted eyebrow brush (which I have been using for eyeliner)

This bronzing duo is perfect for me as its not too dark, how many other bronzers can be on me.

LOVE this, Its very rare to find a good base coat in the UK. They normally come on a 2ended mascara. I know a couple of brands that do them like clinique and lancome but I find they are more like serum? if that makes sense? I like thick fiber base coats that make your eyelashes very white and actually make a diffrence. I know in Hong Kong/Japan etc nearly all brands have a base coat, why can't the UK catch on?!

A mini bronzer brush for on the go, Washed this and it shed like crazy!

That is all I bought, Overall I did enjoy my experience, apart from the lack of food selection (overpriced!) and sold out products, I thought it was a great day. I was expecting some more wearable makeovers etc but everything was VERY specialist and theatrical. A must visit for people planning to take on a make up course...

Did I enjoy it? Yes
But will I visit again next year? no

Suzi x



  1. Aw gutted I didn't see you, I went on the Saturday. I feel the same though, rip off for what we actually got! x

  2. That bronzer is lovely, for me I find that alot of bronzers are more 'orangey' most of the time but that one looks just right!
    please check out my blog chickys..
    www.glamourrougenotes.blogspot.com x

  3. Hey huni!
    Loving the Illamasqua bronzer duo! So cute! How much did you get it for?
    Thanks for the blog and reveiw on this-I was going to go but was busy that weekend and actually thought it was quite over-price. Looks really good though as in what they teach you!
    Are you going to LWF this year? I am o Fri 26th! Went last year and LOVED it!


  4. I have the same opinion as you. It was way overpriced. I paid the £45 on the door fee which was wayyyyy too much. I got some good stuff but wouldnt go next year.
    Well maybe, lol

  5. Hi! It looks life fun! I wish I went to the Australian IMATS last year, :(
    Boohoo I want to buy me some Illamasqua, they look very interesting <3
    Loving your youtube and your blog <3

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. £38 is way overpriced for entrance fee.. but i guess half price illamasqua and mufe makes up for it.^^ i wish i was there ~~
    i nearly bought that bronzing duo. love it but must save XD xx

  8. It's such a shame i couldn't be there :( Anyway, sounded like you had fun :) Love your blog

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