29 January 2010

O.P.I Neutrals

A couple of days ago I visited the nail supply shop I often go to... Its located in Greenwich for any of those who were wondering =)

They sell O.P.I 's for £5 - China Glaze for £3.50 and Essie for £4 and their colour range is fantastic. I always get stuck because there is so much choice!

Lately I have been into neutral shades, out goes the coral and pinks, in come the beige, nudes and taupes. I only picked up 3 this time..

Rose Petals - Chocolate Moose - Over The Taupe

Today I am wearing Over the Taupe

I really can't fault O.P.I's they are smooth, creamy and super pigmented =)

Whats your fave O.P.I shade?


  1. hey its Dina from Topshop, Bluewater
    Where abouts is this nail shop in Greenwich? as its only 10 minute drive away so i need to go there and check it out lol xx

  2. Love these colours!! Fab post hun!xx


  3. Over The Taupe looks very nice! I only have two OPI polishes but my Favourite out of those two is Merry Midnight, so pretty!

    Where is the shop in Greenwich, if I could get OPI polishes for £5 I'd be a very happy lady :) x

  4. Those colours are gorgeous!

    My favourite OPI is a mystery - I picked it up in the States but it has no name label...it's a gorgeous deep metallic red that never leaves my toes :)

  5. Pretty colours! :) especially 'Over the Taupe'.

  6. My current favorite is Barefoot in Barcelona. It garners so many compliments. It's one of those dusty nude pinks that surprisingly gets 2nd looks. I want to find an OPI store around me!

  7. I think you need to take me with you next time you go to this shop! LOL See you Sunday :D xXx

  8. Ooh thats a fab colour! cha ching cherry is good on toes for summer. :)
    please take a look at my blog-

  9. OMG I was there yesterday! brought rose petal too :D Will be blogging about it soon yay!
    I love that shop and it's so close to where i live woo! XD

  10. I like really nude tones atm, and trying to find the perfect one xD
    Rose Petals looks cute!

  11. Rose Petal looks AMAZING! >< i saw them in Sallys for about £10!

    Where abouts is the shop and what isit called?
    message me? x1-Bbi3-M@hotmail.co.uk
    thanks :] x

  12. I love Over The Taupe! Might have to get it :D

  13. all of the colors are really nice!

  14. I like the colours - I've recently been wearing nudes too. Where is the shop located? x

  15. My favorite OPI shades are Vodka & Caviar, Big Apple Red, We'll Always Have Paris, Don't Know...Beets Me!, An Affair In Red Square, Cosmo-Not Tonight Honey!, and Fiji Weejee Fawn.

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