13 January 2010

HK Haul

My bf's mum recently visited Hong Kong, I love it when my friends and family visit, it means I can ask them to bring back small amounts of things I can't get my hands on! ^_^

I got a couple of magazines, some oil blotting paper, masks and a toner. The toner is being raved about throughout Japan and Hong Kong so I can't wait to try it out.

I am most excited about the Queen magazine! (the one with the naked looking lady) Its very hard to get hold of and my bf's mum said she had to trek around Hong Kong to find one because they were sold out everywhere! bless! The magazine is taken from the hit Taiwan TV show. The whole show is about make-up, fashion and hair. Top make up artists do live make-overs/demonstrations and often talk about many products. If they recommend something, you know its good stuff! best of all its all written in chinese so I can read it, unlike the japanese mags.

Here is some scans from the mag: (click on images to enlarge)

Make up artists recommending foundations, pages of it!

How to accessorize to suit your make up

Make up Looks

Step by step guides

accessorizing the hair

I love these type of magazines, I keep them for reference. What are your fave magazines?

Its also started to snow again in the UK just as I thought it had all gone... Its colddddd *shivers*


  1. I buy glamour monthly/ =) and i love to buy RAY magazine whenever i'm in Asia. =)

    wow are they all clean and clear samples?

  2. That mag looks ace! We need something like this in the UK! I get look magazine delivered each week but that's much more fashion! x

  3. i think i need to get the Queen mag too! i usually get Vivi but that has a v small section on makeup only. its more on fashion. :)

  4. That magazine looks great! I want xD. Hehe. And it's started snowing again here (manchester) too =(. Lovely post ^__^ XXX

  5. Hi! that magazine looks so cool. I do not speak Chinese though so I'm left wondering xD... Maybe you could do some more scans and maybe a short post translating in english...? That would be really cool :):)

    keep strong!

  6. The magazines look cute! It snowed here too (I live in greater london) it's not nice :( It's too cold and it's horrible

  7. the magazine is good. she's a host in her show too. same title as the book :) shows how to put on make up, exercises to tone body and legs etc. :)

  8. oh cool :) ive actually neverrr seen that magazine even though i go back to hk all the time and i know about the show!

    oh and can you do a mini review on the toner? sounds interesting

    annd my fav magazines.. ViVi & Happie Nuts =]

  9. awesome! i was thinking about ebaying some asian magazines because I just love all the make-up, hair-, fashion they have there.

  10. Awesome items! I actually buy japanese magazines, and sometimes chinese ones! I usually read beauty, and I just look at pictures in Japanese ones!

  11. I love Queen TV & the mag too. :) My fav. mags are mostly Taiwanese & Japanese like MINA, VIVI, Ray, Nonno, Sweet & FG. :D

  12. omg! you got the queen mag! i looked all over but it is sod out! lucky girl!

  13. My fave is Sweet...though I can't read it as well...

  14. I use that toner and must say it is the best ever. You will get "mochi-mochi" skin if you soak cottom pads and use it like a face mask for 5 mins. Please try!

  15. I bought that 女人我最大 magazine and toner too!! I have been using different toner and so far I like this one the best! Have to go buy plenty before heading back to Canada=P

  16. Can you please tell me the brand of toner it is?

  17. i want to buy that 女人我最大 mag too .. and the toner .. i heard it's super good.. love ur blog and tutorials !!

  18. i love 女人我最大 too~~ Vivi is my fave though.. and i like ageha, popteen, ceci, scawaii and sweet^^ ~~ i can't wait to back to hk and stock up on them all^^ x

  19. I love buying Taiwanese magazines even though I can't understand Chinese characters. My fave is Chic Choc. they have a dedicated beauty booklet every month.

    You'll love the Hada Labo toner! I'm using it every night. Only down side is you'll have to really pat the stuff in. take probably 10 minutes of patting until the toner is absorbed

  20. thank you very much for these scans :)
    (i'm having a jewelry/circle lens giveaway, you can take part if you are interested^^)
    drey jewelry.

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