12 January 2010

MAC Haul

Yesterday the slow finally started to melt, It meant I could leave my house! Yipee, well.. my bf's house ^_^

What better to do than go shopping eh? I go shopping far too much and I admit that. How many times to do you lot go shopping a week? I seem to shop about 3 times a week which is something I need to address. ok ok Im going shopping on Thursday again... and Saturday but this will be the last, for a longgggg time. I promise

well back to the haul, this is what I picked up:

187 Brush - Shroom e/s - Morange lipstick - Painterly paintpot - Blissed out polish

shroom - morange - painterly

Blissed out

Shroom is a gorgeous highlight colour with a slight pearly finish, perfect for inner tearducts, brow bone and highlighting the cupids bow.

Morange is a BRIGHT orange. I shall be wearing this on days where I am bursting with confidence.. hmm.. its also an amplified, one of my faves, creamy, pigmented and the colours are just BOOM!

Blissed out - I had to apply 3 coats of this, the first 2 coats were VERY streaky. The finish does make up for that thou as the colour is GORGEOUS, almost like a creme d nude of polishes =) I like!

Painterly is your flesh toned paintpot, perfect for priming or evening out the eye.

I can fully justify these purchases thou, I needed a highlight/blending color and in comes shroom, I had been lemming morange for months, I feel brave enough to sport it now, Im running low on UDPP, welcome Painterly! and Blissed out is a LE ahhh
ohh I forgot about the 187 but well.. errr who needs a excuse for a 187? its amazing! lol =p

Staring at my ever growing make-up collection I have decided to put myself on project 10 pan, STRICTLY! I will be updating you all on that for time to time =)

wow I think this is my most in depth haul post ever, can you tell I have been writing an essay all day long? Im certainly in essay mode =p



  1. And I thought u were a student.How can u afford all this??Hehe.Loving everything in your haul.

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  3. I go shopping for myself like once a month or none at all (T_T.)

  4. I love how you justify it all :) You sound like me! I go shopping once a week, I could easily go more. That L/S is so bright, don't think I could pull that off

  5. Gee I really love the look of Morange it's so bright and beautiful, x

  6. Oooh, Morange is awesome! I have Impassioned which is a bright fuschia for my brave days! I love shroom and use it at least 4 times as week. It is definitely a contender for Project Pan. As for 187, I don't have one but I have heard that they are THE BEST. Maybe it'll go on my list...

  7. that lippie looks so gorgeous!!

  8. 187=BEST FOR LIQUID foundation! TRY IT!!! i love itttt~~~すごいよ!

  9. love the nail polish :)
    also LOVE the brightness of Morange! and ur right, it's perfect for confident days.

  10. the nail polish looks gorgeous!

  11. i was wondering how blissed out compares to OPI's coney island cotton candy? im a sucker for nude shades. =)

  12. Morange looks beautiful! FOTD when you wear it please :)

  13. Everything looks great! I want to go to M.A.C now :)


  14. Suzi ,I just have known you for one week and I like you so much ,you bring me my inspiration being to do something that i like and love,can i ask you some,Mac is expensive for me but i need you to suppose the first thing that i should have for this brand ,Thx lovely girl^^


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