30 December 2009

Style Crush : Nicola Roberts

I can't describe how much I love this girl, not only for her style but also for her strength to put up with all the haters out there and embrace what she has got.

From the very early Girls Aloud days I always said how she has a 'fashion model' face. I loved her no matter what other people said... just because she was the different one. I like unique things =)

but once nicknamed the 'ugly duckling' of the bunch has now blossomed into a full swing fashionista. Whatever she wears, however she has her makeup and hair I just LOVE IT all!
Most of all she isn't a slave to trends, she just wears what looks best and what suits her

Here I have picked out some of her best looks (in my opinion)...

Who is your style crush at the moment? share it ^^


  1. I love that she embraces her pale and doesn't fake tan :D

  2. I totally agree with the above :) I think she looks really beautiful and has a classic vintagey style :)

  3. She's very unique with her style and I love that! I like how she doesn't conform to how people believe she should look. She's fab

  4. awww she is rlly beatiful nd wat lyk the most is that she is what she is nd doesnt fake herself to fit in<3

    anywayz rit now my style crush is Vanessa Hudgens aww i just luv her hair, make-up nd everything=)
    xxx Nadiii

  5. i have very pale skin aswell, often finding makeup to suit my skin colour, and like above i love the way she flaunts her skin.

  6. my mum thinks she is the ugliest memeber of Girlsloud~ but i actually quite her for being totally different p.p just maybe not her orange days~;P

  7. I like her but I think the colour she dyed her hair is very unnatural and makes her look pastle-y. She looks like plastic.

  8. Love Nicola! Her and her gorgeous pale skin. I agree with you as well; I tend to like people that are not like the rest!! ;) makes them more unique in my opinion.

  9. Yeah i also love the way nicola has her individual style. My style crush is Selena Gomez,i love her style/image. She wears what suits her and what she feels comfortable in and she always looks pretty in what ever she wears :)

  10. Aww, she's so cute! My style crush at the moment would be Kate Winslet because I think she is super pretty. :)

  11. She's really beautiful. Her hair colour is stunning. xo

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  13. I love that Nicola Roberts came into her own unique look. My style crush (at the moment) is Mary-Kate olsen, and make up wise it has to be Roxanne Mckee :)))


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