29 December 2009

DIY Hair Colour using Pro Products

If you follow me on twitter you will have known that I coloured my hair a few days before Christmas...

Here is what I used:

Goldwell Topchic in 10P and a 9% creme peroxide. I normally do use a 12% but this time I didn't want as much of a colour lift, just a sort of tint. Both products were purchased at Sallys beauty supply and both came to just over £10. This is a professional product and are used in many hair salons, I remember visiting a hairdressers and they used this brand but they charged me £120 just for a colour! crazy!

Here is the swatch of the colour on the colour chat. It is called Pastel Pearl blonde and has undertones of grey in there..

I begin with putting the whole tube of colour into a tinting bowl (available from sallys)

I then put in the whole one shot of the creme peroxide

Using a tinting brush I mix the the two together until it is smooth and lump free. I love the texture of these dyes compared drugstore box dyes as they are thicker and feel more like a paste rather than a liquid. I find these dyes also work alot better on my asian hair.

I then applied this to my whole head starting with the roots (I had slight regrowth). I do this to ensure the roots are nicely coated and to give it a longer process time. I then finish the rest of my head off by doing the rest of my hair =)
(sorry no picture here LOL)

This is my hair colour BEFORE:

and here it is AFTER:

I am very pleased with the results! Its taken any goldeness out of my hair and turned it a nice ashy colour. I get ALOT of questions regarding hair colour and all I can say to it is experiment. I have spent years experimenting with hair colour and what might work for me might not work for you due to our hair diffrences, race, history of colour etc...

I would also like to say that if you have asian hair colour, your hair WILL NOT be the exact colour you choose (unless you bleached it beforehand of course). I have been shopping with many friends before helping them pick hair colours, When I pick up a bright blonde and say 'try this' I am often responded with 'but I don't want to be blonde'. I can't stress enough.. YOU WONT GO BLONDE! with a base colour of black hair it will just turn brown! ^^ so yea experimenting is the key to finding your hair colour... or go to the hairdressers ( I have had awful experiences with them, Orange hair anyone?)

If I do opt for a drugstore hairdye, the only brand I use is Loreal. I find that other brands have very inaccurate colour swatches on the sides of the packets...

Do you DIY hair colour? if so which brands do you use? ^^


  1. wow suzi its very pretty ahaa:) how many tubes did use just one? it looks asif it has bits of blonde in? bt i usualy have the same color as your old one:) i have been experimenting aswell, even tho im very young haha.. &again very pretty:D

  2. omg i love the colour!!! take another picture please ♥ my hair was orange too :(

  3. <3 the colour xoxo. And <3 the post ^^ so many illustration =P (compare to some of your old posts ^^)

    Plz keep it up xoxo

  4. Let's see a full picture! It looks so good! :)

  5. oommggggg i LOVE the ashy colour! its gorgeous!
    but how would you match your eveybrows to that ashy colour?
    oh and i have a question, i'm an asian with black eyebrows but hair is chestnut brown(dyed it in hong kong). if i want to match my eyebrows to my hair but dont want to shave them and then fill them in with the colour what do i do to get rid of the black hairs?
    do i dye them?
    thanks suzi!
    Michelleyyy xxx

  6. My hair always turns out orangy :( no matter what I do, lol!!
    Is it good that the blond has a grey undertone in it? What makes the difference?

  7. Wow your hair colour looks so nice & super healthy.I've been dying my hair since I was 16 and I've been through so many hair disasters!lol.I find the L'oreal Recital ultra lightening in Ash Blonde 6.1 is quite good for a drugstore brand. I've tried other brands but they do not work at all!Waste of money & time I tell u.
    Keep blogging & Stay happy (=^_^=)

  8. Sorry I meant Ash Brown!

  9. It was bak in the days in high school when I DIY my own hair colour...Now I'd rather just do it at a salon since I barely have time and I'd rather sleep when I get home hahahahaha.... And just like you i've tried all the colours of the rainbow over the years...to know what colours suit me...experimentation is key for sure :)

  10. love love love the colour! i'm finding mine a little too brassy at the moment.. i might be dyeing it dark brown again! :P

  11. that's a pretty color! i once tried a dark blonde color and well.... it was orange all around!

    lol - so i play it safe with red high lites on black hair. :)

  12. Gorgeous colour! Such a perfect blonde!x

  13. Hello!!! I'm Laura and I found about you via Soompi, love your hair color and I'm so up for experimenting, but I also like knowing at least the theory XD.
    I'm living in germany right now so it's way too expensive for my budget, and I would like to go, maybe not blonde but light brown, I have natural brown hair, I'm latina btw haha... My question is, if you want to keep doing the same color, how to you retouch the roots? and if the color starts fading or loses it's glow do you do the roots, wait some mins and then go for the whole hair? I wanna try this brand in a neutral blonde like 9NA or something... help? Any advice?

  14. how do you keep your hair form turning orangey or brassy-yellow after dying? i love this colour on you and really want to try this at home as well, thanks for the tips!

  15. hi, i live in the uk too and i can't seem to find the Goldwell Topchic or the perioxide on sally's beauty website. did you go to the actual shop and get it?

    thanks in advance

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  17. Did you bleach your hair prior to that? the outcome color's amazing. I've been trying really hard to achieve that kind of color. Too bad, i always fail. lol. :)


  19. Will this take out all the orangey/yellow tones because it's got undertones of grey?

  20. woah! that brown hair color is so beautiful and unique. I really liked it. Thanks for providing the steps for how to apply hair color. It was really needed. thanks

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