23 December 2009


This contest is to celebrate hitting 1K followers! yay... very overdue now!

What do I have to do? I hear you ask...

I have decided to keep this contest clean and simple. I am aware that not all followers actually write a blog or even create make-up looks so to not alienate some the rules are simply a block of text....

Tell me ONE POSITIVE and ONE NEGATIVE point about my Blog. Be honest, I can take constructive criticism just as well as compliments =)

and most of all you MUST be a follower (I will check this so no cheeky cheeky ^_^)

(Post entries as a comment to this post)

Prizes will be posted in a few days after the Christmas period =)

CLOSING DATE: 1st January 2010


  1. Hi Suzi!

    The main positive point of your blog is the 'Product of the week' box at the side. I love how it always changes, and is interesting to see what you are loving that week :)

    The main negative point of your blog is the fact that the photos are just too small... I wish they were bigger in size.

  2. positive: VERY interesting
    negative: layout could be nicer

    thank you for the contest!!

  3. Positive thing is that I like how you post pictures in almost every blog post whether it is a haul or FOTD.

    I don't really consider this a negative thing.. but it would be nice if you reviewed some products here and there (:

    Thanks for the contest ^-^

  4. I love that you post FOTD (totally inspiring)

    One thing that I think you can change is maybe the colors of the blog. maybe add 1 or 2 other colors with the white. ^_^

    Please have a safe and happy holidays!!! keep warm!

  5. positive - very interesting posts ;love your section product of the week

    negative - advertisement is annoying ;)


  6. Haiii~ ^^

    Positive: Lovelyy Pictures!~ & Product of the week~~ ^^

    Negative: More Longer Post in the future? i rele dno~~ nothing negative about ur blog ne~~ ^^


  7. Hi Suzi my lovely.

    There are so many things i love about your blog but my favourite is the beautiful photographs you take for FOTD. They are very inspiring :)

    Negative? Oh man, i cannot think of anything...maybe a splash of colour or a pretty header :) xxx

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  9. Positive: All the helpful beauty/style advice & product reviews!

    Negative: That you don't update more!
    (but I totally understand that your blog isn't your occupation & you do have a lovely life!

    love your blog!!

  10. Positive: I love your OFTD and FOTD posts. I really learn a lot from it..

    Negative: Update, review could be made more often. Also, I think in your FOTD post, it would be excellent if you could use alternatives eyeshadow (drugstore, I know that you love Sleek but may be more product experiment would be fun ^^). Moreover, may be include some instruction to the eyeshadow (like which you put on your crease, which you put on your eyelid =3)

    Regardless, I do truly love your blog.
    Thank you for the contest and have a lovely holiday <3

  11. One positive: Your looks are amazing and your blog entries are really interesting, I love reading them!

    Negative: I really dislike the layout, it's too simple and because of it it's hard to read.

  12. ONE POSITIVE : Your blog is interesting and nice
    ONE NEGATIVE : Your design could be more colorful I think :)

  13. Ok well....

    + Easy to read, I like the white plain background.

    - Blog looks narrow, photo's look small.


  14. Positive: Your flawless FOTDs always inspire me to put on makeup when I don't feel like it. Also, THANK YOU for not putting a music player on your blog.

    Negative: Hmm. Maybe your foundation seems a bit too white? But I'm REALLY reaching. Overall, though, I'd just like to see you post more often.

  15. Nice idea for a contest, haven't seen anyone do this!

    POSITIVE: Your blog posts are very interesting and varied!
    NEGATIVE: The layout could be more colourful and stylish


  16. Positive - I love your FOTD posts, and the reviews, they're very helpful.

    Negative - Maybe add a bit more colour to your layout.

    :) Great contest! x

  17. POSITIVE - I love how you post photos in your blog posts, specifically OOTD :)

    NEGATIVE - You should update more often, if possible, with longer posts :D That would make us all super happy !

    we all love you, Suzi ^.^ x

  18. Positive-I love how you have the "Product of the Week."

    Negative-I wish you would update your blog more often with FOTD...

    8] I hope I win!

  19. Positive: I like that you frequantly update your blog...
    Negative: But you dont post enough interesting info...

  20. Hi Suzi :)

    Positive: I love your FOTD & OOTD. It really inspired me ^^
    and also, I like the Product Of the week :)
    It's so interesting to know what are you liking XD hehe

    Negative: your layout is a lil plain, you should update more and I wish you can do more reviews

    Overall, your blog is quite interesting to read ^^


  21. Positive - Interesting varied beauty related posts in a nice layout

    Negative - Post more often, maybe include a tiny bit on your personal life to let ur subbies know what you are up to =)

  22. One Positive: I love your "Product of the Week!!"

    One Negative: You can probably use a cute layout or different colors for your blog :]

  23. One positive point about your blog is your descriptions of the products you use.

    One negative point about your blog is it's based on your complexion. It would be nice if you have a friend or someone to put make up on colored women as a demonstration.

  24. Positive: you have amazing style which you always share and you show good pics of your makeup with descriptions

    Negative: you should post more often & it would be nice to know more about what you are studying at uni :)

  25. Positive:
    Love the layout!~colour coordination and format makes it look Sleek!

    Product of the week doesnt change on a weekly basis.


  26. POSITIVE; Lots of pics :)

    NEGATIVE; Advertising.


  27. hey girl,

    first, the goods: lovelovelove the fotd along with the pictures... its sort of a cool real world application of specific looks

    the neg: more updates! we all want something to look at/read/watch at the end of a tiring day


  28. postitive: love your style
    negative: blog layout maybe?

  29. Positive : Simple and interesting things to read.

    Negative : Needing more updates!

    Merry christmas xo

  30. great contest!!! what I love about your blog is your FOTD's they are always so fabulous! what I like least about it is that you don't update that often :)

    Happy Holidays

  31. Hello =)

    Positive - I like your FOTD and I dunno if this counts but I like your hair tutorial with the babyliss rollers =). Really helpful!

    Negative - I think if you posted more would be great. Your posts are interesting.


  32. One good thing: i love "product of the week" on the side bar.
    One bad thing: i love "FOTD," but it would be great if you could post "how to do" along with the FOTD?

  33. Great idea for a contest Suzi ^_^.

    Postive: All the variety! It's not all just make-up and beauty product reviews all the time so it never gets boring. From personal pictures about what you have been up to, to beauty products to just quick updates on what you've been up to latley. You keep everyone on their toes about what your next blog might be about...I never know what to expect which I love!

    Negative: I'd love to see clothing and accessories hauls. I know alot of people will enjoy this and we all know you have a fabulous style!

  34. LOVE the product of the week
    dilike : short posts... lol i like long in depth stuff..

  35. Hey Suzi! ^_^

    Positive point about your blog is that your FOTDs and reviews are awesome ^_^

    Negative point about your blog is that the background is too plain and it needs colors that match your sweet and bubbly personality. ^_^

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  37. Hiya

    Positive: Monthly updates (Blog Archive)

    Negative: The background is plain, possibly change the background colour e.g. baby pink or a darker pink :) x

  38. :)
    Positive- Your FOTD's are gorgeouss :)
    Negative- Maybe add a pretty header :)


  39. Positive : I love how simple your blog is to navigate! :D

    Negative : You don't update as often!

  40. Hey Suzi :)

    Positive - All your blog posts are varied! For example, not only do you share with us reviews and FOTD's (which may i add i love! ^_^), but photos of what you get upto on the weekend etc. :o) I also love the fact you include 'Product of the week' in your blog as it really gives me a heads up on what i should try out next, because i know i can trust your opinion!

    Negative - I think more regular blog posts is something you could work on, as i just can't get enough of your posts!

    Keep the videos and posts coming! :) xxx

  41. Positive: I am hoocked on your hairstyles and would love to see more as I'm mad jealous of your hair :)

    Negative: No header photo. I loved your header picture that you used to have up it was pretty.

  42. Hi suzi :)

    One positive thing is I love how everything is organized & I love the FOTD's you put up w/the description of everything.

    A couple negatives would be, your layout is a bit plain :| and I don't hear anymore music, so def. add music again :)

  43. positive: great content, and nice pictures with entries

    negatives: you don't post often enough!!! lol and the ads..

  44. Hey Suzi,

    Positive: I love all your tutorials!

    Negative: It took me a while to get used to your accent, especially when you are sick in your tutorials, I find it hard to understand you. However since watching a lot of your tutorials, I have gotten used to your accent.


    PS: Your blog has really helped me to apply my own make-up and I really appreciate it, Thank you so much :):)

  45. Positive: I loved the FOTD; not only cause your painfully beautiful (motivates me to make my makeup just as good as yours), but also because it gives us an insight into different looks and what to put together.

    Negative: I would say that their could be more variety in the posts; i would like to have personal and beauty posts just so we can get to understand you more! I love the content already on the blog though :)


  46. Positive: The personality you portray through your posts. Your blog is intriguing and informative without being overbearing and just all about make up.

    Negative: Your blog layout. (haha, that was the only thing i could think of)


  47. Positive: I'm not even going to lie. The reason I initially was drawn to your blog is because you are just SO FREAKIN' gorgeousss! But I realized that not only that, you actually possess skills when it comes to creating creative FOTD looks.

    Negative: Your blog background is kinda blahh...it's all white. Spice it up with the coming new year! Get a new lay-out?

  48. Positive: Your make up/beauty tutorials are very pretty and easy to follow. You have are very very pretty and have great sense of style.
    Your blog is one of the few that i find very helpful and interesting. :)

    Negative: There's not much anything bad i can say about your blog. I just think maybe like everyone has said..your layout could be more interesting, and even though you have heaps of tutorials already it would still be nice for more :)

    Nonetheless, your blog is one of my favourites! :)

  49. +: nice content, i love reading your blog, i also like the pictures and overall layout (people are saying it's too boring?! ;o i love it like this... simple yet effective/easy to look at)

    -: adverts and not as many updates );

    btw, the poll at the side, i would love for you to post more personal life related things ! it gets alot more interesting when you get to actually know the person.

  50. + Love the content
    - Wish there were more posts more often

    Love Katy :D

  51. Positive: Great posts with pictures most of the time.

    Negative: Layout is a bit boring. More colors would be nice =)

  52. positive: you post tons of picture and are very descriptive.

    negative: you don't post in your blog enough! i'd like to see more entries from you!


  53. I love how you always swatch your new products and update with your storage ect and photos of the days :)

    id love if you could so some reviews on your blog i think thats the only thing missing! :) x

  54. Positive: Love your "product of the week" box

    Negative: Maybe you should post more often.I always wish to read your post whenever I log in to blogger.

    Have a good day

    -Jose's Diary-

  55. Positive: your blog entries inspire me to do many things. 1. be creative when it comes to makeup 2. to try out different brands

    negative: i think you should write more reviews ! thats a must have

    but i think i have more positive than negative things to say.

    - moria

  56. positive: the FOTD, OOTD, & pictures. i really appreciate this because not all bloggers post pictures

    negative: there are certain periods where you don't update for a long time. I always log on to see if you updated or not

    please enter me :)

  57. Hi Suzi :)

    [+] All your posts contain pictures to accompany the text - which is short yet detailed. Makes it a very pleasant and entertaining read!

    [-] Lack of layout structure - due to sidebars, header, and main body sections not being distinctly defined. This is purely aesthetic :)

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge and the work you put in to blog and youtube. Keep it up!!


  58. Hi Suzi!
    You're so pretty!
    Postive: You have polls - shows us you care about what we think!
    Negative: I wish you would post more often - I would love if you updated everyday... lol but I know you have a life too! But wishful thinking!

  59. positive: I love all your FOTDs
    negative: update a little more

    thanks for the giveaway


  60. positive: I absolutely loved your hair dying videos.. also I like how u post up pictures

    negative: Sometimes it's hard to hear you =(

  61. Congrats on your followers!!!
    Positive: All those great pics ^^
    Negative: I really like that your blog layout is clean and simple but I think it could be better =D
    Thanks and Happy Holidays!!!

  62. heya suzi
    the positive is definatly your FOTD, i love them and have copyed a few of them ;)

    and not many negatives but mabye some colour to brighten you blog up x

  63. Hi Suzi!

    Positive: Pictures which make the posts more interesting

    Negative: layout of the blog - I think the central column should be wider with some sort of contrast/border to separate the columns.

    Merry Christmas!! x

  64. Positive: Your make-up tutorials help alot of people. It doesn't seem like it, but look at all these people saying "thank you". Make-up is not really a person's neccessity in life. But still they are learning it and using it for everyday life (maybe) from you~

    Negative: I think, the post are ALWAYS about make-up... and there are (probably) people that follows this blog that's not really a make-up person, but girly and decorative (hime camera) as you. And it is very interesting to know what inspires you or something. IT WOULD BE ALSO NICE IF YOU SHARE BIT OF YOUR INFO TO US. NOT ONLY YOUR NAME, BUT LIKE... HANG OUT WITH FRIENDS.... OR POST SOMETHING THAT MAKES US GO LIKE "ahhhh" (not just wit your makeup tutorials) but also Life (no private.. it's yours.. lol). Coz basically. I (we) know that you work in a make-up company or something (forgot). It would be nice, if you share like, your room tutorial... things that you do... maybe like new things that you havent experienced before...


    [ not sure if everyone or YOU agree with my positive and negative comment, both of them are just my opinion, im not a make up person, but i like your stuffs lol.. i cant buy them myself though... too young... hah... but i think those are the positive and negative things that i can comment about your blog ]

    NEUTRAL: your template is abit too NOT you.. it's not so decorative, so maybe abit of colors... IT'S MORE OF LIKE A REQUEST FROM YOUR VIEWERS, lol... so maybe a lil bit color here and colors there... haha...

    ^_~ HOPE IT HELPED... (:
    and hope I win (maybe, maybe not) lol


    ♥ Keep the beauty within~

    ---Kelly Jane---

  65. positive - I love all the pictures posted, thats why I subscribe..=D
    negative - the layuot can be improved...

    thakns suzie for having this contest

  66. yeeey finally a contest ! ^____^
    i love your blog because you update it quite often and i really love the different looks you create with makeup ♥
    so that was the one positive thingie haha
    and there isnt really anything negative about your blog but i wish you would do something like an outfit of a day,so just show more chlothes :)

  67. Positive - Love the clean layout of your blog and your presentation with everything!

    Negative - Would like to see more OOTD's! :)

  68. Hi Suzi!

    Congrats on the 1000 hit!

    + Clear photos! Love them!

    - I think giving an explanation on how you applied your makeup for your FOTD's would be great!

    Thanks for this giveaway!! :)

  69. one positive: is that that you always keep us updated with the lastest news-(beauty,life realated),
    one negative: your layout could be alot more interesting its quite plain so it be nice to see some background pictures going on.

    Congrats on the 1000 hit..:)

  70. One Positive: I love you FOTD's, you always look stunning, plus your posts are really friendly and relatable. Deffinatly one of my fave blogs to read :)
    One Negative: You could add some more colour to brighten it up a bit.

    Congrats on 1000 followers xxx

  71. Hiii!!!!

    Positive - Your posts dont ever ever bore me! I read and love every single post :)

    Negative - Layout/colours could be a little more exciting?

    Congrats on 1000+ followers, I hope to have as many as you soon :)

    Have a lovely Christmas x

  72. Congratulations on 1000 followers, and merry christmas!!!
    I lov your blog. One of the positive thing about your blog is that it is very informatinal cause you always tell us what you used in the picture and that could be very helpful.
    Negative thing about this blog is the background could be a lil bit more colorful and fun!!!

    Thank you

    and one positive point is that i really like your blog (and youtube) because of the tutorials, they're really nicely done and they are something i can actually do.
    negative thing is the layout is a bit...squished or something. its really crowded when reading, dont know how your supposed to fix it, but its sometimes is hard to read.

  74. Positive: Great descriptions of products and relevant pictures on your posts. :D

    Negative: You don't tag your post. If you tagged them then it will be easier to find something when you want to reread it. :(

  75. Positive: Your posts on products are always very informative and the pictures you put up are always very eye-catching in relevance to your topic. Your blog has inspired me in many ways!

    Negative: I think it would be nice to see more fashion related posts such as your 'what I wore today' kinda thing. =))

    Congrats on reaching 1000+ subs! I hope you have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! ^^

  76. Happy holidays Suzi! :)

    Positive- you have amazing artistry, i love your style of eye-catching makeup looks!

    Negative- not really a negative, but hopefully sometimes for your FOTD's you could be more detailed on how you used the products (like, which e/s color went where on your eye, or which colors you layered). Your looks are really pretty, but it's kind of hard to recreate without knowing where to start :)

    Thank you for doing this giveaway!
    xo Leona

  77. I love you product reviews! (: i feel like you are always honest.

    There really isn't a negative, but sometimes I wish you would update more. I know you are super busy with school and work and whatnot, so I understand! (: I just love reading your blog thats why haha.


  78. Hi suzii!! Im not really a fan of blogs...(really i dont uptade mine)
    but I find yours interesting because I love make up and I live very far from you(PUERTO RICO;ISLAND) and London is a place where I whish one day to visit and to hear from a girl that love make up like me and live in a place i will love to visit it such great to read ;D

    well as negative.... because you wanted my point of view :p i will say...change the layout make it more girly (not in a bad way im saying this :p ) more fashion...i dont know if you got my point... :p that will make it more interesting...you are very creative girl you can do it!! :D

    take care Suzi!!

  79. Congratulation on the 1000th Suzi!!!

    Positive : Product of the week (I found it very interesting)

    Negative : Your blog's layout. That was the first thing that came to my mind. Maybe you just want to keep it simple, but I would like to see more colors on your blog :D

    Otherwise, good job!!! Keep posting and Happy Holiday!


  80. Hi Suzi, thanks for holding a contest :)

    The thing I like about your blog is the tutorial and FOTD pics. They're very informative, clear and vivid. I like to see more makeups in the future.

    The negative thing is that you should post blog entries more often. I would also like to know more about you.

    Happy Holidays! :)

  81. postitive: I love your style & the product of the week part at the side. Your reviews and and the FOTDs are amazing.

    negative: There isn't really a negative but more fashion related blogposts would be great.

  82. positive: it's good that you don't have music playing on your blogspot now - because before, i'd have to either mute your blogspot or mute my music/whatever I was watching... and I didn't like doing that?

    negative: it seems like there's too many things on your blogspot like in the sidebars - I like it more plain/simple


  83. positive: love how simple it is and easy to view the previous months blogs( blog archive).

    negative: the adverts r so annoying...there should be pics of u instead. xx

  84. Positive: Clear and simple layout!♥
    Negative: I'd say nothing, but if I had to, I'd say a pretty banner would be nice!;)

    Thank you for this giveaway!^^

  85. hii suzzzzzzzzi♥
    positive: very informative, helpful, i love everything :) i check it everyday
    negative: hmm i wish you would post something new everyday hahahh!

  86. Hey Suzi!

    For the positive, I love how all your pictures are great quality. You're soo photogenic!

    And for negatives, I can honestly there is nothing much I could say that are bad. But somehow there are always more room to develop. Although, one thing is too update everyday! I really enjoy reading your blogs and watching all, literally all of your videos :)

    Thanks for making a contest. We all love you and I hope you had a wonderful Christmas! :D

  87. Hey Suzi
    Positive:Your blog is helpful, nice pics, and especially your product of the week!

    Negative:I don't think like how you don't put how much the products were because I get disappointed when I can't afford some of them:(

  88. Thanks for hosting this giveaway! :)

    Positive: I love that you do FOTDs and list down the products you used including the shades. It gives me a better of idea of what it looks like and creates more lemmings as well.

    Negative: I'd like to see more product reviews. :D

  89. Positive: I love how you use products like the Sleek pallete and Barry M which are available here in the U.K,A lot of beauty bloggers are from the U.S whereas you are from where I am so I know what you are on about i.e japan center,madam tussauds..it's like Yayy I've been theree(Hehe!,FOTDs are always beautiful and inspiring, Layout is simple and easy to read.

    Negative: I would like to see more reviews on cheaper brands and hair products, a step by step photo tutorial on how to create your looks,more hair tutorials (your hair is gorgeous by the way),bigger photos,more blogs about your personal life (yes we are very nosy), try looks on different people, beauty tips, recommend places to go to like restaurants,shops etc.

    Even if I don't win this competition I hope my feedback has been helpful.


  90. Postitive: You provide lots of clear pictures for every product mentioned. It's also great that you blog about both drugstore and department store products.

    Negative: For swatches comparing different shades of the same brand of product ... it would be nice if you could describe the difference, the texture, which one is more pigmented, and the one you would recommend. Also, please blog more often! =)

  91. +
    Your blog post are always interesting.

    wish you would post more often :)

    over all though i love your blog!

  92. The positive would be that you're always giving quick updates on certain products or looks you try. However, I'd like for your reviews to be a little bit more extensive (if that makes sense)...but that's not really a big deal.


  93. Positive: I like that you're based in London (well most of the time I think) and that you get your products from local drugstores like Superdrugs, Boots etc as well as the bigger brand names - because I think there aren't many great make-up gurus on Youtube that are UK based. Plus, we can all get the products that you give a rave review on!

    Negative: There's nothing really negative - but if I had to pick something that I'd like to see..... maybe a regular blog now and then listing all your 'Best Picks' for things like mascara, foundation etc, from drugstores/bigger brand names, that sort of thing.

    Thats all : )

  94. Hey suzi, congrats on 1k followers!!
    I love your blog :) here goes my entry!
    Positive - I think you have a really nice clean layout, I find your posts really easy to read because although they are very well illustrated, your simple background and font mix makes the post the focus :)
    Negative - I love it but one thing I would love to see is more haul posts. I love to see what you are buying!
    Thankyou xxx

  95. Positive - Ilove Your OOTD & FOTD . keep them coming :)

    Negative - Don't really have one but mabe update it more.

    Thats it. Bdw congratulation!

  96. Definitey a follower (:

    positive: Love your OOTD, FOTD and your product of the week in the sidebar.

    negative: Not much really. I'd love to read reviews on products you like and recommend and maybe have a slightly more organized blog?

  97. Been a follower since forever!!

    LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog!

    Positive: it's clear and easy to read. Not alot of junk on the page which i love!

    Negative:post more pictures of yourself up! and more OOTD's would be lovely!

    thanks babe! and hope you had a lovely Christmas and hope Santa was good to you!
    Michelleyyy xxx

  98. Hey Suzi, thanks for doing this contest/giveaway :)

    Positive: I like the way you are fast and effective with your posts. Like you don't write a lot but it's enough to capture our attention :)

    Negative: Could change the layout a bit, like give it a bit more design but nonetheless I still love your blog!


  99. A contest! I heart contests :)

    Positive: I like the product of the week. It means you really like it and it's worth to buy.

    Negative: I think the layout of your blog is a bit empty and chaotic at the same time.. I believe it doesn't ressemble you, as your videos are always edited very well, with introduction image, captions etc.

    Other note/request: This is a bit off topic perhaps, but I really like you clothing style as well, I believe you did one video on it. Would love to see more ^o^/"

    yeah yeah yeah~~ lene

  100. Positive: I can double click on your pictures to enlarge them so I can get a bigger and clearer view of your make up upclose! Most of other bloggers have resized their pictures , and most of em which I can't even click to enlarge. I love it that you do not use photobucket/flickr or any photo uploading programme, plus your layout is simple so your blog loads pretty quick!

    Negative: you did not disclose where the 'nail shop' is even though there were comments asking where it was in your 'Mini Haulage' post, sobs. as a result i could not get my sister who is in london to get me cheap china glazes as I can't get em in my country !

  101. Positive: I like the quality of the photos that you take. Blurry photos always make me cringe. You take great angles and have good lighting.

    Negative: I know that having short posts are good for more frequent posts but sometimes your smaller posts don't give enough substance.

    Thanks for doing this! You're very brave to be able to face constructive criticism! Good for you!

  102. Hi Suzi

    : ) The positive thing about your site is that it's personable. I like how you mix the personal part of your blog with the make-up reviews. This is what makes your blog very appealing. :)

    Neg. : The negative about your site is that the STYLESUZI banner up there ^^^ is not big enough. Make it stand out more dear! : )

    i'm known as IIntan on your follower list. ;)

  103. Hello from Vancouver :)

    Positive: To be honest, I love the pictures on this blog LOL, I love looking at all the products and photo of the days.. kinda cool LOL. I'm a picture person LOL so post of more pictures!

    and for your poll on the right side about beauty& fashion or personal life.. I think you should make it half half! just to show the world the other side of suzi without the materialistic things

    Negative: I know you're probably really busy these days, but you should deff. blog more :)


  104. Positive: I love the FOTD they are all gorogeous and have good info to give us about the hauls you make i like reading those.
    Negative: Can you give more info on the products you use on the FOTD, I think i would like to see more of your fashion style.

    Thank You

  105. Hi Suzi! :) I'm excited you're having a contest! Okay, so, here's what I think:

    Positive- I love, love, LOVE your hair tutorials.. I had this hot rollers kit that was just sitting in my room and I never used them, and I saw a tut of yours (I think a Japanese curls inspired look?) on how you used yours so I tried it out the same way and my hair turns out gorgeous.. I'm jealous of your hair though, it's long and healthy looking. I'm hoping mine looks like that one day.

    Negative- I'm tired of listening to Yiruma, lol! I think you may always play river flows in you because ofcopyright reasons or something, but yeah. :P

    -Kakume (on youtube)

  106. Hiya Suzi,

    Positive: Everything really. (esp. the informations that you give in every post.)

    Negative: You should Update/Post more often. But I do understand that you get busy with your uni work. XDD do try anyway!

    Thanks.. xxxx


  107. Positive: I like the content that you post in your... posts! :) it's just what I am here to look at. Nothing to just take up some space. I wish they were a bit longer sometimes :p

    negative: You should update more! I love reading your blog/watching your videos :)

  108. positive: you post a lot of photos of the products you use and talk about

    negative: it's kind of plain, maybe add a background pattern or picture or more colors. =)

  109. hello!

    positive: you have a versatile take in beauty. it's not always just about makeup - it's like i'm hearing what you type down from a friend, and that to me is a worthy beauty blogger!

    negative: i know this isn't about your blog blog - but i don't always see your updates/new blogs on my dashboard. :(

  110. New follower XD

    Positive: I love how this isn't just a 'beauty blog' and that you have fashion and little entries about your day etc. (:

    Negative: ermm...nothing that i can think off, maybe like some other people wrote, more colour for your layout?

    Have a Happy New Year! Love your blog!

  111. positive: fun fashion looks =]
    negative: not colourful =[

    Love your blog happy new year =]

  112. Positive: fotds and ootds! and product of the week!

    negatives, cant really think of much. =]

  113. I Love your blog. There are so many positive things to say =) I Like the amount of photos in your post and they they are always really clear.
    The only negative thing I can think of is too much white in the layout, I like colour =) xx

  114. positive - i love the fact you don't always blog about just beauty but also about your personal life
    when your out and about it's interesting to read great variety i think :D

    negative; i would love it if you do more products reviews and also maybe more fashion
    post/videos as from your pictures you seem to have a great style sense.

  115. hi suzi!
    thanks for the contest :)

    positive: you always accompany your blog posts with pictures so we can see what you're talking about visually. Love your taste in make-up too

    negative: you could update more often (if possible as i know life is busy! :p) and spice up your layout more.



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