8 January 2010

Top 5 Clothing Stores

These are my top 5 picks with little words to why I love them =)

1 . Topshop

On Trend, Affordable, Caters to all, Amazing Oxford St store


Quality, On Trend, Mature, Great Colour Pallette, gorgeous party dresses

3. Selfridges

All under one roof, deisgner, high street, beauty! which girl doesn't love it?


Quality basics, affordable, trendy but not over trend led.

5. Whistles

Quality, mature, nice fittings, simple yet effective designs

There are many other stores I shop at like Rokit, Beyond Retro, Markets etc but these are the more mainstream ones that most of you might be able to access =)

Are these any of your fave shops too? Let me know what yours are =)


  1. I love ZARA....60% of my closet is from Zara! thanks for sharing! :)

  2. zara and topshop are my favourites too =)

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  4. ahhh~ Topshop is wayyyy overprice compare to other highstreet shops as well as you can probably get very simliar items from other shops. though i do shop there when it's on sale p.p

    ZARA is good, its good quality and classy~ definately one of my top 5 :}
    as well as Mango, its very simliar to Zara but more quirky, and its very affortable when its on sale!!lol

    but H&M!!!!! that's got to be my top 1~~50% of my wardorbe is from H&M~ do you not like H&M??;o

    Uniqlo is well good quality for basic stuff, if you think MUJI is too plain and Primark is too cheap xP but sometime you do get one or two good buys from Primark~

    hmm..All Saint can be my no.5 p.p i don't really shop there, but i always go in for a browse when i go pass it~ they got very interesting clothes, just that it's very pricey~ totally loveee their jewellery session too :}

  5. i never seen any of those stores before. i'll do my research online.

  6. ZARA opened in north Chicago thankfully (which btw is not very close to my house). Wish we had topshop. better yet, wish i lived in london, these stores seem lovely

  7. I love Zara and Topshop too! Most of my clothes are from those brands. :) I also like Chocolate, Promod and Armani Exchange.

  8. Topshop HAS to be at the top right now!
    My bf gave me vouchers for there and I can't wait to spend it all!

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