5 November 2009

A little help

Hey guys

If you've noticed I have put 2 polls on the right hand side. This is for my study purpose and would really appreciate if you could take part in it. Everything is private so I don't get to see anything except % =)

This is for my essay writing, hope you all can help me to get along the way =)

Suzi xx


  1. Ive voted. What is your eassy about? xx

  2. Its my dissertation, Its about the media and perfection =)

  3. Just voted!
    all d best in ur essay writing :)

  4. Woo! Voted :D Good luck in your essay, hope you get it done soon <333

  5. I think it's a great topic to write about...it's very interesting to find out the reasons behind most girls lack of confidence in their self image and the media has a big part to do with it.

  6. Won't the results be a little bias considering the audience that your blog caters to? I don't mean it offensively however, and I wish you best of luck on your essay! :)

  7. It will be slightly biased but this isn't the only survey I am doing. This survey is purely for the beauty obsessed like us lol =p Just finding out how far most of us would go for beauty =)

    Thanks everyone for voting! *big hugs* yay


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