13 November 2009

Graphite eyes?

A very belated post eek

Last weekend was Bonfire Night so i whipped out the new Sleek Graphite palette for abit of smoke.
This is what I ended up with =)

The only thing I would complain about was I had major fallout! I used these shadows very carefully but no luck. Good job I kind of predicted this, I did my face make up AFTER my eye makeup =)

and... uno what guys? I actually like not having a fringe at the minute. The british weather has been horrific and for once im not worried about my fringe going kinky or frizzy.
It feels great to be able to run my fingers through the front parts of my hair and casually sweep it into whatever shape it may fall
what fringe? =)


  1. I was contemplating on getting a fringe aswell,youve put me off lol

    Iv got the graphite palette,havnt had the chance to try much with it yet

    Ooh ive got a comp going on at my blog at the mo if you like jewellery : )


  2. aw no fringes are good but just maybe not in this birtish weather =p

  3. You look gorgeous with or without the fringe! :) x

  4. you're quite stunning

    what lippie are you using there?

  5. this is absolutely gorgeous!!! i LOVE the lashes you have on too!

  6. You look stunning as always hun! The eye make up looks beautiful!


  7. I think you look even more beautiful without a fringe dear. I like how your hair in the pictures frame your face. (:

  8. i think i said it million times but you look amazing! I love your face, you are hot! :D

  9. can you post picture, of your hair, i want to have that hair, cuz it looks so good,
    so i can show it to my hair stylish,

  10. i lv ur smoky eyes, could u do a tutorial as well,please?

  11. I like these smoky eyes. Make-up is done perfectly.
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