29 November 2009

Trashy but I like it =)

Today whilst shopping in Urban Outfitters I came across these nail polishes, now I have seen these before but not this pretty colour. They come in a selection of 'look at me' shades, all which are a matte finish. Very matte.

This colour quickly grabbed my attention, If I was to describe this colour, the 1st words that spring to my mind are peaches and cream. I swatched it in store (which then obviously smeared all over my hand whilst shopping) and fell in love with it.

I know this type of shade will not be to everyones taste as its so matte and bold but I like it =)

Here it is with two coats, no top coat. Its so bold that it reminds me of my younger years where I would paint my nails with tippex =/ did any of you use to do that? (cringe)

Pretty huh?

These come at £6 a bottle which is a reasonable price as the quality is actually pretty good. The colour is pretty amazing and what you see is what you get, even with one coat. I would recommend two coats for an even finish.

Here is just my face of the day (Im still wearing my bf's clothing teehee ^_^)

Hope you all had a nice weekend and those of you who are in the uk, wrap up! Its getting very chilly! ^_*

Suzi x


  1. Omg! That shade is gorgeous!
    I must check it out when i get the chance!
    I know what you mean..it's getting very cold!! :/

    Hope you had a good weekend yourself! :)


  2. I like the color a lot! Looks so pretty on your nails! <3

  3. I've been lemming after pale/nude polish shades, even though i know it's like totally trashy. haha. Now i know i'm not the only one =))

  4. omg the colour isn't trashy AT ALL! i love all the nail polishes at Urban Outfitters. everytime i go in theyr the first things i go and look at to see if they've anymore new colours in. =P
    Michelleyyy X

  5. Ooh that colour looks great! Love pale nail colours :). xo

  6. yeah i used to paint my nail with tippex as well.. just to have that "french tip" effect =)

    Can you do some new video on your FOTD plz? <3

    (hope that your fine now after shopping time haha, stil dont forget to wrap up hun)

  7. i would love 4 u to join my 1st ever contest, ty!

  8. You are right, not everyone would like the shade, I own a similar shade and yours look way better than it was on me! :)

  9. i love creamy shade like that too! its really pretty.

  10. Haha, yes I used to do that too with the tippex! Embarrassing....


  11. lovely! i follow you with my new blog

  12. i love that color! i have a similar shade from MAC and love it!

  13. Love the nail colour but I have no Urban Outfitters near me so I'm very jealous:) Yes Tippex and Blue Tac were my preferred choice of nail decoration.....clearly I was just a child ahead of their time haha

  14. It is indeed getting cold in Western Europe >_<;;;

    The nail color is nice ^_^

  15. Haha, love the nail colour!!
    Your right, it does remind me of peaches and cream....yummy

  16. Hi Suzi, may i know which foundation you're using? bcos your skin looks flawless! :D

  17. Suzi, that is a great color nail polish!! I need it. :).. ha ha Liquid whiteout.. lol.. yes I used to do that back in the day. :)

    Love & Aloha!


  18. how on earth you have this porcelain skin?

  19. that color is gorgeous and not trashy at all lol i'm actually looking for a matte gray to sporting this winter.. maybe i should check out urban outfitters

  20. love it! I must go get it now, too bad the stores are closed!

  21. i have a nail polish that reminds me of this shade! i love it! :) looks amazing on the nails :)

  22. That's an unusual color on the nail polish, but pretty:)

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