3 November 2009

Anna Sui For Sale

Here I have a 100% Authentic Anna Sui double set mirror and single mirror for sale.

I planned to ebay this but I remembered I get alot of emails asking about my anna sui mirrors etc. I thought I would let some of you have the chance to own it if interested before I put it on ebay...

Bought from the Anna Sui Boutique in Hong Kong. Theres alot of copies and fakes around atm and finding the authentic ones are rare in the UK.

Black and Pearl White Mirror set

(SOLD) Single Mirror

Please email me or leave a msg for a final price (p&p), 1st come 1st serve =)



  1. Hey hunnie.. I am sorry as this comment is not related to the post :(.. I just wonder if you could help me out. I am finding the right shade of pink for myself and I am struggling(im asian with pale skin, not as beautiful pale as you though..). I tried YSL rouge volupte number 2, Mac throb, and many kind of other but I think the shade is just not right for me... I would be thrilled if you could help me as pink is so on trend.. Thank you hun

    Much love x

  2. wow. anna sui mirrors. I see so many fake dupes in sasa in HK when i go...LOL

  3. wah!!! so pretty!!!! if only..i started working then I would definitely buy this!

  4. hi i'm interested in the hand mirror. How much for shipping to australia?
    email to amandakyrus@hotmail.com

    thanks :)

  5. i was wondering if you could put up your ana sui make up caddys.. the one in your make up collection video. id really like to buy them

  6. Hey im intrested in the black and white mirrior set. how much would the shipping cost to ship to the united states?
    email:dinosaur131994@yahoo.com thanks (:

  7. I liked your selection and would also recommend to my friends
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  8. O-o LOL i bought a mirror from a korean/jap shop and i had no idea that it was a fake of a anna sui mirror.

    i have a black version of the gold one.
    ^^ *happy happy*


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