25 October 2009


Please do excuse the boring post title, I didn't know what to call this eek... ^_^

Living in London we can often dismiss attractions as 'tourist' areas. Saying that there is a lot I haven't explored. Tourists pay for flights to come and see these attractions, just how a visit to Paris is incomplete without visiting the eiffel tower. 
We often take for granted what is surrounding us just because we know its 'there' and its not gonna be going anywhere soon. YET a visit to Paris, New York, wherever your destination is, we tend to rush around trying to fit as many attractions into a day as possible.

So today I dragged my bf along with me to one of Londons most visited places. 

Madame Tussauds! ^_^

We drove there and thank god there wasn't a long Q!

Just a few pics to sum up the visit =)

We both actually really enjoyed it! we were acting like kids lol. hmmm...

where next?  =)


  1. You look so pretty in these pictures :)

  2. Agree with Victoria.
    Beautiful pics of u

  3. Totally agree with you there. I feel like I don't know London much at all! That's why every now and then me and my mum go visit a museum that we haven't been to yet :)

    I've been to Madame Tussauds as well! You're lucky there wasn't a long que coz when I went there, it was longgggggggggggggggggg going over the corners and everything! Woah that was a long wait but then we went to Honk Kong city afterwards so it payed off hehe :D


  4. you are so GORGEOUS! i hope to come and visit some time in the future!

  5. trueee,
    lucky ! i only live up in the midlands, but it's not very often that i'll go down to london.

    i want to do the tourist-y thing too D:

  6. you look soo pretty. is that a wax museum? reminds me of the one in NY TimeSquare

  7. Amazing sculptures; I'd love to visit that place one day in the future :)

    Lovely pictures!!

  8. Seriously, you're so cute. Your eyes are so big and beautiful!

  9. Its so true, living in London its too easy not to appreciate a lot of the attractions, looks like you had a really fun time x

  10. I think fringes suit u more =]

  11. Isn't it amazing how those wax models displayed are just soooooo realistic...it's kinda freaky sometimes haahahaha

  12. I think in the recession, its called a "staycation" because you sightsee your own neighborhood. I love to do this in the Northeast of the USA because all the states are so closeby and so different from one another.

  13. i like golden olive pigment! looks amazing!


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